I wish it would keep still!


I’ve just been posting a response to a message and found that the text kept jumping from the bottom of the page, where I was writing, up to the top. I had to be very careful in scrolling down to the bottom again, because the moment I got there it jumped back up to the top again! It did this several times while I was trying to type my response.

Anyone else suffering from this?


I’ve had the same problem on occasion with Internet Explorer but not with Firefox.


Me too, I now type in Word and cut’n paste to the forum. This avoids this irritation.



It must be a British problem, and it follows you 'round the globe.


Its not a British problem. Happens to me almost everything I post. If you stop and think a minute about what you are writing, and then look up, your work is all back up at the top again.
Not a big deal, but a trifle annoying.

John Moss


Thank you for posting this. I have not personally experienced this problem. I will look into it. It’s very helpful to me, when reporting a problem, you all include your browser. I use FF and Chrome on the forum. I do look at it in IE from time to time, but I don’t do any serious browsing.
Thanks gents.



Happens to me all the time. It’s especially bad when typing a long post since it will sometimes jump so far that the place I’m trying to type is off screen. I’ve learned to accept it. We can’t complain about too many things otherwise Chris will find something more enjoyable to do with his time. Or, he can take an attitude like Chris P has. ;) ;)