I9mm Box-"Visual Rejects"


I obtained the following box at SLICS 2010. No cartridges and no information. It sure looks like a US product to me.

Has anyone got any information or insights on this box. The only markings are those visible in the photo.

Thanks for the help.



The typeface certainly appears to be US



I think that you’ll find your “visual rejects” box is from the old Smith & Wesson brand name ammo line. The printing font and layout matches exactly wih the S&W 9mm end-flap labeling, even down to the “S9-90JSP” (my box is “S9-90JHP”).


Not sure if it explains the use of the box but on a project that I was involved in we used Visual Defect ammunition. During testing we only used this type of ammunition to keep the cost down as thousands of rounds were fired. It was boxed in plain boxes without the normal markings.



I confirm that this is a Smith & Wesson Box. I have the normal box and the same product code is used: S9-90JSP. Further, I don’t know of anyone else who made a 90 grain JSP round in this caliber.


Many thanks!!! Now I know how to list this box, and what it may have been used for.