IAA 464 (eJournal) is available

I just received the copy of my IAA eJournal. Thanks to Chris for another great Journal.

Articles included:
US 105mm APFSDS-T Ammunition, Jason Abels
Patents & Trademarks, John Kuntz
Savage Arms Co. Plated Dummies, Pete deCoux
Industry News, Scott Logue
In Other Publications
Swift Bullets & Ammunition, John Pople-Crump
The Better Half, Paul Smith (8 ctgs and different from the Cartridge of the Month)
German Sintered Iron Cored Parabellum Ctgs., Lew Curtis
Company Histories (Rebel Universal Ctg. Enterprise), George Kass
Cartridge Prices (British C.F. Rifle)
7mm Mauser Brazilian Headstamps, Vandeir Alves dos Santos
Cartridge Fire, Mel Carpenter
Rimfire Case Mouth Letters, Will Adye-White
Headstamps, Otto Witt

60 pages with a color front and back and a 4 color pages in the center.

The eJournal is only $25 US/year and you can get it by going to cartridgecollectors.org/membershipapp.htm

Join for 2009 before 1 Jan 09 and get the current journal (Nov/Dec) as a bonus.

Good Value and a great source of info on cartridges.

Cheers, Lew