IAA acronym

As I am sure all of you know, IAA stands for Israel Antiquities Authority antiquities.org.il/. Just wondering if this acronym sharing is any problem for ammo collecting?

If you Google on IAA, you will find that there are many organizations having the IAA acronym. And the Acronym Finder website lists over 300 organizations worldwide and meanings that use IAA as an acronym. And that is true for most acronyms. It would be difficult to find a meaningful organizational acronym that was not shared by many other organizations.

Having an acronym similarity is usually not a problem as coincidence is usually the cause and not intentional infringement. There are a few exceptions, most notably the case between the World Wildlife Fund, and the World Wrestling Federation. The original WWF won a court case against the Wrestling federation, and the Wrestlers had to then go under the name World Wrestling Entertainment / WWE.

That’s very true, and it can lead to genuine mistakes, How many people who misdirect give up and never do find the forum? It also happens with people’s names, you should try you own name on Google, it can be quite amusing. There are some other examples though which could be more seriously misleading. The NRA in Britain gets numerous enquiries for membership from people in the US which it redirects.

More amusingly, there is a small fishing village called Baltimore on the southern tip of Ireland. Presumably settlers from there arrived on the East Coast of America many moons ago and also named their new settlement Baltimore. Today their extremely small airport gets the occasional very confused passenger arriving there. The perils of self booking airline tickets on the internet.

Fortunately, if you google simply “IAA Forum” it is OUR IAA Forum that generally comes up as the first choice, at least on my computer. Just entering “IAA” is fair less successful. Of course, entering “International Ammunition Association Forum” should solve any problems of finding our IAA site among all the other different “IAAs.”