IAA Annual Vol. 2 No.2

The IAA Annual Vol. 2 No. 2 from 1970 shows a picture of a
UMC Board from 1877.
Am trying to get information on the Paper shot shells pictured on the
Board. This months Journal has an inquiry from Ron Wright about a
single bunter UMC shot shell and I wonder if these shell match
Ron’s inquiry.


See attached Board.

What is a “single bunter UMC shot shell”?

Why is this a “single bunter” opposed to a more ornate bunter headstamp, which would also be applied in one strike?

The letters have impressed areas vs each letter impressed. Better description in the Journal article.

Oh I see, it’s just a deep strike from a conventional bunter & nothing special other than that.

Reason I was asking is because I’ve seriously collected shot gun shells since I got back into serious collecting in 1980 & had never heard this term before.

Here’s a light strike from the same era shell by UMCCo & a bunter so you can see what that looks like.

UMCCo%20No%2014 Rem%20eters%2012%20Ga%20bunter