IAA Archives DVD Problem


I have found a problem with using the IAA Archive DVD.

As it is right now if I go to the IAA Index and find an article I want to read, the Index gives me the Issue Number and Page. Let us say, for example, the article is in Issue 342, Page 17. Fine, but the Archive DVD is organized by year. I have no idea what year Issue 342 is. So I have to spend several minutes opening a number of years to find Issue 342.

I suggest two changes be made to help alleviate this problem.

  1. Rename all the titles of the Year Files so instead of them reading 1965, 1966, 1967, etc. they read 1965 (#111-#122), 1966 (#123-#134), 1967 (#135-#146). Thus, just by glancing down the file list you can easily and quickly find that Issue 342 is in the file folder 1988 (#340-#344). No more need to open 4 or 5 year folders to find Issue #342. I have downloaded the entire DVD to my hard drive for convenient access. It took me no more than 15 minutes to re-name all the files as described above and it has saved me many times that long in being able to quickly find the correct year.

  2. I have compiled a Cross Reference PDF file listing all the Issue Numbers in sequence giving the Month & Year for each Issue number. John Spangler has posted my chart on the IAA Homepage . You can go there to view or download it.

cartridgecollectors.org/download … erence.pdf

This chart should serve those people who have only the Paper Copies of the IAA Journals and not the Archive DVD to more easily find the proper issue for a given article.

I hope some of you find these suggestions and the chart useful.



Thanks for taking the time to do this. I couldn’t find your file on the home page, but the link you provided worked fine.



Mel–Maybe it is not on the IAA Homepage. I sent the chart to John Spangler yesterday. John, in an email to me, just said he had posted it and provided the link. I just assumed it was the IAA Homepage that he posted it to since he is in charge of the Homepage.