IAA Article Awards Update

As the next Journal will be at press while we are at SLICS, I thought it best to give members an update on the status of the article awards.

Below are 2 of the 3 categories to be judged. Unfortunately there were not enough qualifying articles for the Dave Andrews Memorial Award to be granted. This award is for shotshell related articles. There has to be at least 3 original articles of minimum 1200 words. Therefore this award will be deferred for 3 years, per our guidelines.

2011 IAA Research Award qualifying articles
Issue 477
The Broadway Trust Company by Tony Edwards*

Issue 478
The Indiana Army Ammunition Plant by Dennis Kirsch

Issue 479
Early British 7.62mm rounds 1953-57 by Tony Edwards*

Issue 480
The Cartridges of Paul Karcher and his Successors by Amand Leveau

Issue 481
Transmission, Guy Wire De-Icer Device, Blank Cartridge by F.A.W. Etter

Issue 482
America and Britain – Two Nations Separated by a Common Cartridge or How the 7.62x51mm Became the NATO Standard by David Sutton

  • denotes that this article also qualifies for the Labbett-Woodend Memorial Award for British Military.

2011 Labbett-Woodend Memorial Award Qualifying Articles
Issue 466
The Government Cartridge Factories 1916-1919 by A.O. Edwards

Issue 476
British .303” Explosive Ammunition 1917-1919 by Tony Edwards

Issue 477
The Broadway Trust Company by Tony Edwards

Issue 479
Early British 7.62mm Rounds 1953-1957 by Tony Edwards

The awards (framed certificate and $100) will be presented Thursday evening at SLICS, just before the seminars.

A note for next year: In 2013 the John Hintlian Memorial Award (for US Military) and the IAA Research Award will be judged.

Please keep the articles coming in!

Paul Smith
Chair, Research Committee