IAA banner images

I have been wanting to do an IAA table at one or two local gun shows in my area to have a set up with a bunch of recent journal back-copies, a banner, membership forms, a drawing for a free membership, a display-only case full of various collector cartridges, etc… The key was having a big banner to put on the front of the table, as well as having a banner to hang on my M35A3 which I would park outside the venue to get people’s attention! The images are below, and they have a good aspect & resolution for a banner print (if anyone wants a full-size 5mb BMP, email me for it). One is the traditional style that is similar to our website banner, and another shows the website address. I would figure on hanging the website version on the deuce & a half since people would hopefully take photos of the truck and then post them on Facebook, with others then seeing the web address.

In terms of using an IAA banner for any public event or anything other than personal use, one should always check with the IAA officers for appropriate use and clarification on non-profit status issues. My proposed use would be strictly as a mechanism for membership growth, with no associated sales of anything.

Dang Matt, you ought to be able to haul lots of ammo to SLICS in that puppy, all you have to do is afford the fuel!

It’s certainly fun for a while, until you get tired of the rough ride and the 50mph top speed. The fuel mileage is around 9mpg, so that’s rough on the wallet for anything more than a local drive. I bought it for promoting my business, with promoting the IAA and driving through the woods as fringe benefits.

Matt, Great Idea!!!

Some of us have put IAA promotion/membership info on our gun show tables for years. I use to when I back went to gun shows.

I have looked at our IAA 502C7 tax exempt requirements pretty closely, and see no problem with your proposal.

The more of us who promote IAA membership the better. Our membership has grown to approach 1400 in Jan 2014 and I hope that continued renewals for 2014 will bring it back to that number. We have show solid growth over 2013, likely due to the all color Journal, and the last Journal at 80 pages instead of the standard 60, can’t hurt membership growth. I hope Chris continues to get the quantity of quality material to continue to publish an occasional 80 page Journal. It was a very professional job!

I believe the more exposure the IAA gets, the more our membership will grow. It is a quality organization bringing lots of value to it’s members.