IAA-Benefit Live Auction Lots, SLICS 18


To see descriptions and pictures of my 20 lots in the IAA-benefit live auction Friday night after the banquet, please go to my web site, www.Gyrojet.net, and click on the red banner at the top of the home page. This is a no-reserve auction and each lot will sell.


A slight correction to Mel’s terminology to avoid confusion:

The “IAA Benefit Auction” is a silent auction which is held on the Thursday afternoon of SLICS outside the showroom. All lots are donated and all proceeds go to the IAA’s general operating fund.

The “IAA Live Auction” is held on the Friday evening in the penthouse ballroom. Only the commission goes to the IAA’s operating funds

The lots described by Mel are in the Friday night Live Auction.

Chris P.


Oops. Chris is right. I shouldn’t have used that terminology. And Randy Hedeen thinks that the #12 “.44-77” profile hollow dummy is probably a .43 Spanish.