IAA Bulletin #502

Is it just my perception and/or impatience or is the digital version of issue #502 a bit late?

No, that went out back near the first of the month, either the last couple days of February, or the first two days of March roughly. Via the new Mailchimp e-mail method. I hadn’t received any other concerns yet. Maybe in your spam / junk folder? I can email it to you if you need it.

Matt, it would be great if you could resend it. Seems there was some sort of internet hickup or bug.
I am checking the spam folder daily so would have noticed it there.

Seems I am the only one with this problem, so the admins please feel free to delete this thread in a few days (so Matt can read it) as it does not add anything to the forum.


Could you mail me the #502 Bulletin also.
I also did not receive it.


I don’t have it either.

Still waiting for the new e-mail with the download link.

Seems I am not alone with this.


I received the bulletin from a Dutch member.
When you want I can send you also bulletin #502
Send your email by pm.

Regards 451kr.

Thanks, people were so nice to take care of me already :)

I also did not receive any email with a download link.

I noticed that one of the four of you who mentioned that they missed the March ejournal had not paid your 2015 dues. The IAA has about 74 ejournal members that did not renew this year. If other members are sending their journals to their friends it is a violation of IAA policy and hurts everyone in the organization. If someone misses their IAA ejournal, they should send an email into the IAA membership secretary and request a replacement. Under no circumstances should IAA ejournals or passwords for downloading be sent to nonmembers.

Thanks for your understanding, we are trying to keep the costs down. The ejournal is a bargain at $25 anywhere in the world.

Gary Muckel, IAA membership secretary

I agree completely with what Gary said. However, it seems obvious that there is some problem here involved with getting the Digital Journal out to people, at least in a way that they know for sure what they are receiving and that it is coming from IAA. I have had to request a resend twice in the last year or so.
I hope someone is doing something to try to see where the problem is and how to correct it. Some of the unpaid digital members could be cases of people who did not reliably receive it and simply gave up on it rather than asking for a resend or a solution to the problem.

We welcome your suggestions on how to improve the reliability of the system. We did recently make a change to distribution process and Matt has explained that. We think it will improve the distribution but it does mean the ej letter comes from a different source and who knows what different browsers do to the letter. Some may go into junk or spam or reject delivery depending on browser type or settings by an individual. The IAA cannot control these things.


Just for perspective, usually each time the E-journal goes out, I wind up getting maybe one or two emails each cycle from people who did not receive it (by “it”, I mean the email with the download link). The people are typically never the same from issue to issue, and they usually don’t know why they didn’t receive anything. But since 99.5% of recipients do not complain of not receiving it, I presume the issue is either that the email was diverted from their inbox for whatever reason, or that perhaps they did not notice the email in time, and did not download the link before it expired, which is around 15 days last I knew. I just email the journal directly to them at that point, and usually without changing anything on the database or email system end, they do presumably wind up receiving it the next time around. That being said, I am certain that there exists potential for odd inexplicable glitches for things like this which might hit one or two people per cycle, and this might be it as well.

Gary - I wouldn’t have an idea of what to do. It is not necessarily a component of recognizing that a problem exists to know how to fix it. I am computer stupid, and dislike computers intensely, even though I must use one.

It appears from DK’s comments that this is more random and less a problem than my own experience and the amount of people reporting in this thread not receiving a specirfic bulletin would seem to indicate.

I chime in on these things because I have been an ICCA/IAA Member for more years than I care to think of, and because I care deeply about the success (translate success to happy, satisfied members) of the club.
Having been the Secretary of IAA for ten years, I fully recognize that the upaid workers that keep the association going work very hard at it. I never even claimed expenses for office material or most postage except for huge mailings, when I was secretary. I think most members understand the dedication of the IAA’s work force and the personal expense in time and money they bear in keeping it going.

Perhaps it is is better if I just don’t comment on these things at all in the future.