IAA E-Journal, Issue 504, 60th. Anniversary


The new 60th. anniversary IAA e-Journal #504 has just been posted to e-Journal subscribers. WOW!!! This is without a doubt the greatest IAA Journal ever, thanks to Editor Chris Punnett. And thanks to IAA Webmaster Aaron Newcomer and IAA e-Journal distribution boss Matt Collins for making the download seamless and trouble-free. What an issue … 120 pages (twice the normal content!). The subjects covered are most interesting and very diverse; something for everyone, two times over. The color is spectacular, and the articles could not be better. Just a really first-rate job, Chris. Thanks.

If you don’t subscribe to the e-Journal, you might want to consider doing it. The price is so cheap it’s almost free.


I just finished my first read of the latest IAA Journal. Chris P has done a wonderful job of pulling together a great Journal. I agree with Mel that it is probably the best ever. My favorite article was Dan LeClair’s on the M1853 Enfield cartridge and the Indian Mutiny. This may be the most professional bit of cartridge research and scholarship that has occurred to date! just last week I was watching a program on Queen Victoria that included a significant content on the Indian Mutiny and this, like most of the references Dan quotes was badly misleading. A great bit of “cold case” research.

The Journal is 120 pages long and has something in it for just about everyone. Some highlights are: Development of .45 Win. Mag. & Wildey Pistol, Bob Hillberg; Cartridges of Béatus Béringer, A. Leveau; Industry News, Matt Collins; Soviet Counter-Measure Projectiles for Aircraft Guns, Chris Koll; Biffar, Lau & Galef: Importers, Pete deCoux; Winchester’s Num-Rite Cartridges, Dan Shuey; A stunning set of photos of rare pistols and their clips in Clip Art, Claus Marzen; Super DD Shotshells, Terry Warnock & René Snellink; The Hughes Lockless, Keith Lampear and finally P1853 Enfield Cartridge & the 1857 Indian Mutiny, Dan LeClair. In addition Great SLICS 2015 photos, The Pitman Page, 30-06 grenade cartridges, René Kloosterman’ 30-06 Corner and many other interesting bits and pieces. Thee is even an article on German World War II 9mm and 7.9mm Plastic Exerzierpatronen that grew out of Forum post http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=17095.

If you are not an IAA member, you probably want to contact the IAA Secretary or go on the IAA home page (link above right) and spend the $25 for an eJournal membership just to get a copy of this Journal. You don’t want to miss this one.

IAA print Journal members who don’t also get the eJournal, you have a real treat coming!



I had just received my 60th Anniversary Edition of the Journal (hard copy), and just wanted to say that Chris P MOST DEFINATELY did a fabulous job on putting this issue together!

And all the articles are VERY WELL DONE!

Thank you to everyone involved!



Just got my 60th year and it is outstanding thanks for all of the effort to make this one to remember. Vic


The new Journal is truly amazing! Chris, did another incredible job as always. Hard to imagine how hard he works to put out such a great, high quality, journal each month, year after year. The articles in this issue are off the charts awesome!



Meant to post a thumbs up note the other day when I got the copy of issue 504, 60th Anniversary . Outstanding! A note and some pics of a box of ammo posted by Bob Rudler on page 83 in another thread.