IAA eJournal is now ALL Color!

Our IAA Editor,Chris Punnett, has created the first eJournal that is all color. All the photos that were submitted in color are color in the text. Printing costs prohibit an all color print Journal but this is not a limitation on the eJournal.

The first eJournal is 2009 (#465) is in full color and will go out shortly. IAA membership with an eJournal subscription is only $25/year worldwide and includes the IAA Directory and for new members, the Guide to Cartridge Collecting.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

As a life member I get the print Journal, and probably would subscribe to it even if I didn’t get it automatically. However, I also subscribe annually to the EJournal. Now that it is in full color, it will be even better.

I file my printed Journal “whole” - that is, I don’t tear out articles. I print out the Ejournal page by page as needed for my individual files - I can make as many pages as I want to cover all subjects on that page, and if a page holds no interest for me for filing purposes (I read EVERYTHING in the Journal), I don’t print it out at all. It is a huge advantage for those of us that like to put articles in files where they are more easily retrieved (paper copies, I mean), as I don’t have to sit there on my Canon copier and make what are often copies far inferior to those printed directly off the EJournal on my laser color printer.

Just mentioning it as still another advantage to an EJournal. It is a bargain by any standards.


I just signed up for the E Journal and Gary has confirmed my e-mail address.

In the past I could always complain to Chris when my printed copy didn’t arrive to my satisfaction but, now, who do I complain to? Still Chris I hope, because nagging him is one of my few remaining pleasures in life.


You are a dinosauer, even more so than me. Paper is a thing of the past. Cyberspace is the present, and tomorrow. I just recently went to K Mart and bought six more loose leaf binders and they now take up the little remaining space on my floor. From now on it’s electronic filing for me. But I need to learn how to back-up stuff, I suppose.

I hope Santa was good to you. And may your doctor go broke in 2009.


Attention eJournal subscribers:

Check your email. The ALL COLOR Journal 465 is ready for download.

I gotta say, all that color really adds a lot to the enjoyment. THANKS CHRIS!

The color looks good. Anyone who doesn’t have this copy is losing out! I wouldn’t be without both the printed Journal and the digital one, now that I have both.

Ray - I can find an item from my files quicker than most people can find some of the smaller things from electronic files of the Journal. For example, when you have more than one subject on a page (Ot’s End column this month, for example, covers three subjects. Headstamps by two separate makers, and all makers in 300 Win Mag), what do you do. Do you reference everyone of them in an index. I simply printed out three of that page, with the 300 Mag general information going into the file specific to that case type, and the other two going into files specific to that maker. In actuallity, did I have the space, I would have made a copy for each headstamp so that I could file every headstamp in the case-type file for that caliber.

I agree, though, that space is the problem. I currently Have 12 filing cabinets in my main room with a total of 52 drawers, and another four in my garage (which has never seen an automobile - it is my general work room -
with a total of 16 more drawers, and all are full, some so tight it is hard to get a file out. I have also 8 medium to large bookcases that are totally full, and then the equivilent of three book-case shelves of books in holders on the top of filing cabinets. That doesn’t count the book case in my office that is for general use, but has one shelf of duplicate gun books (that saves me some steps sometimes) and two more shelves dedicated to my language library (that should be extended three fold, at least, but I can’t).
Other boo cases in the house are for general library - all I spoke of here are for guns and ammunition information only.

Space is a problem, but I like being a dinosauer. For me, it is more time-efficient when I am trying to research something. I can usually find what I want - not always, as no system is perfect - in less time than it takes to simply boot up my computer, and I have a fairly fast system on a dedicated line.

Unfortunately, my little house has limits and they have been reached. I have no more room for any more filing cabinets or book cases anywhere, and so, with only highly important books and articles exempted, I am ending additions to my library January 1. I am not renewing most magazine subscriptions, etc. Am getting too old to keep up my library by myself and fall behind more each day in my filing. Right now, only the IAA Journal, Gun Report Magazine, Rifle and Handloader magazines, are sacred.
I will continue with them. Most of the articles in the popular gun press are crap anyway, and I don’t know why I have religously saved them. I could make much room by purging my files of a lot of that tripe, but don’t have time to do it.

By the way, John S., it really is me, and things haven’t changed a bit. My wife holds my “computer hand” or I still couldn’t do anything on it, and Joe Jones, my dear friend and Forum partner, posts all my pictures. I am still to dumb to do it myself, so have no fear, I have not be cloned in a smarter form.