IAA Electronic Journal (eJournal)

I just got my print Journal in the mail today and it is great, but I got my eJournal over 2 weeks ago!!! I’m a life member, and old enough that I love having a print Journal, but I decided to pay for an eJournal to help the IAA (since I long ago broke even on my life membership investment) and for the convenience of having the eJournal early-and of having copies of the . Good decision for me!!!

The eJournal is only $25US/year worldwide. When you sign up you will get the January/February Journal (#459) and if you are a new collector, the Guide to Cartridge Collecting. You will get access to the electronic copies of subsequent 2008 Journals for download as searchable .pdf files within days of the time they go to the printer, and long before the mailed copies could reach most of you. Even if your English isn’t great, you can cut text and paste into babelfish.altavista.com/ or something similar for a rough translation - Something I wish I could to with some of the non-English bulletins I receive.

You can see a copy of the eJournal at:


and you can sign up for an eJournal membership at:


Note that if you are paying by PayPal, you can send the $25 to Purchases@CartridgeCollectors.org as indicated just above the PayPal button.

Where else can you get 420 pages of cartridge information (6 issues x 70 pages per issue) for $25??? Dollar for Dollar, the best deal around for high quality cartridge information. Also note that I give steep IAA member discounts on the cartridge books I sell on my website shown below.

Give some serious thought to becoming an eJournal member of the IAA!

Cheers, Lew

PS: I send out the back copies of the eJournal and help with the Distribution! I look forward to sending you a “Welcome” email.