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The IAA Facebook page just passed 300 “likes” and I have just promoted a recent post that mentioned our upcoming journal (The March/April journal is a doozy) and referring people to the membership page in hopes of new sign ups. If you are on facebook and have not given the IAA page a like, then try it here: https://www.facebook.com/InternationalAmmunitionAssociation and hopefully we will get some more exposure and a few new members!

Nice to see it,- keep it alive!!!

There are some rumors that some US anti-gun association will ask Zuckenberg to ban gun sale related pages on Facebook.

This will translate into a gneral ban for all gun & ammo related FB pages. There will be some actions against this new proposal, such as collection of signatures.

Stay at DEFCON 1 level

It wont happen in my opinion. The number of people who are legitimately “offended” by the presence of gun-pages on Facebook from dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts are far outnumbered by the number of people who would denounce Facebook and never use it again if they took such an action. Facebook’s marketing team should know this and hopefully not proceed with such a crazy action. The backlash would spread like wildfire, especially given that there are so many other seemingly more tangible nefarious pages on Facebook related to drugs, porn, violence, and gambling. One can be assured that those pages, which cover topics having an infinitely higher percentage of criminalistic participants as compared to those who own guns, will remain intact.

It seems that some days ago they activated some restrictions based on age

benswann.com/facebook-announces- … y-changes/

In a single word: VICTORY

bearingarms.com/breaking-faceboo … rol-cults/

I don’t know why anyone would take part in “Facebook” to begin with? Identity theft and other things just waiting in the sidelines. And to what purpose?

It’s popular with kids for the social aspect which is mostly bragging and self-egrandizing with photos of who, what, when, and where they do everything. It’s popular with the 25 - 40 crowd for keeping in touch with all their school friends, and relatives, and also popular with the baby-boomer crowd for seeing photo updates of the grandchildren. It’s used by so many people that commercial endeavors use it as free (or cheap) marketing. But yes, there are many mind-numbing pointless aspects to it as well. I think the IAA has garnered a member or two out of it, and helped our digital marketing some, but we refrain from any of the annoying aspects of Facebook, so it’s been slow growth.

Had I still been an officer of IAA when this was proposed, I would have argued vehemently against it, and so voted as well. The social aspects are not positive, but rather destructive. I took my family (son’s family) along with friends - 12 people in all - out to dinner at a good restaurant, and the only two people at the table that didn’t spend the whole time folling around with stupid little electronic gadgets were my wife and I, and my son who knows I despise them. That isn’t social interaction - it is downright rudeness. I don’t tolerate it when anyone is at dinner at my home. People can’t seem to talk to each other anymore unless it is on a gadget. Honestly, I don’t even like computers, but unfortunately, I have to use one these days.

If we want our association to. Grow we need to Attract the younger people and with their interests and needs.
unfortunately the change in technology has happened so fast the society rule of courtesy has yet to catch up,but it will!

As with anything, there are responsible users, and irresponsible users - just like guns, cars, and alcohol. I wouldn’t be too wary of any of those despite the severe results of some who abuse them. With Facebook, and the internet at large there are some who use it like fools, and others almost entirely as a research tool to learn and acquire things in the collector sense. I hope our Facebook page attracts these responsible types, and so far it seems to have done so with IAA members, and members of other Ordnance, military, and gun related clubs and websites. With the number of gun collector, military related and militaria collector Facebook pages and websites I would hope that we can network to and attract some of these people over and gin up some good members.

I am however, very understanding of criticism and concern over internet-related things like social networking pages since is a potential jungle with pitfalls if you push the wrong path.

You need to have a like button! We’ll said!

There is also lots of gun owners who afraid that social media will attract criminals to their home.
I have a Facebook page and I think that this is why the robbers will leave my home alone…