IAA Forum---Thanks!


I have spent a good deal of this morning on the Forum reading and a bit of writing, and realized how much I enjoy the Forum.

When I first began attending cartridge shows, way back in the late 1960s), the thing I enjoyed most was to listen to the older collectors talk about cartridges. It was like listening to a lecture by experts. After a while I got brave enough to ask a few questions, but I found it a great learning experience. Over the “many” years since, I have throughly enjoyed the shows here in the US and the meetings overseas for the opportunity to participate in these kind of sessions, and to listen. I always learn things. These sessions are still the highpoint of both the SLICS and the ECRA get togethers, and well as the best times when I have visits by other collectors, or I visit collectors.

I just realized that this same kind of interchange is the foundation of the IAA Forum. It is a lot of people from all over with lots of different sets of knowledge and viewpoints and levels of experience getting together and discussing a wide set of cartridge related topics. The advantage is there are a lot of conversations going on at the same time, but we can move between them and pick those that interest us most.

I want to thank all the Forum members for making the IAA Forum what it is. To all the Lurkers who read but do not participate, please join in. Everyone has questions and the Forum is richer for your participation.

I wish some of the experts in our hobby would participate. Some I know are lurkers, and some just have never been here. I think we can all learn from the Forum and we can all contribute. I encourage all of you to suggest your collector friends participate. There is something here for everyone.

Thanks again to all of you for making my cartridge collecting more interesting and rewarding.



I assume that “thanks” goes to everyone including forum violators, without whom the moderator position would be cancelled and Ron would lose his daily paycheck. Sort of like without criminals there wouldn’t be any cops.