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Yesterday I launched a “boosted” Facebook post for the IAA’s Facebook page. This is something that seems to be worth doing a couple times a year (I pay a little bit towards it) as it generates dozens of new “likes”, and lots of shares and exposure for us. The topic is usually an upcoming journal, and an appeal to join our group. We are currently at a record number of unique IAA members, and journal content is flowing in at a decent rate, and I mentioned this in the post as well. Our IAA Facebook page is now close to 600 likes, and we have some great crossover exposure from friends at Municion.org, BOCN, Vintage Antique Ammo Collectors group, and others.

On boosted posts like this, which reach several thousand individuals (ours reached nearly 10,000), Facebook provides analytics data on the users reached, and there weren’t many surprises (mostly men, mostly English & Spanish speaking, over the age of 35, etc…), but I was shocked to see that of all the cities in the world where the post reached users, Dhaka Bangladesh was the number one location, followed closely by Austin, Denver, Tuscon, Athens, and Buenos Aires.

So to our Bengali friends: ঢাকা থেকে হ্যালো বন্ধুরা (if it appears as squares if you don’t have the Bengali font)

Here is the photo montage from the upcoming journal (#501 E-journal link to be sent out later tonight or tomorrow) that was posted with the Facebook post, which people seem to love:


Matt, That’s fantastic. Extremely well done. Thank you very much for doing this.


Matt, you have done a wonderful job on this collage! You’ve covered many aspects of cartridge collecting in this one photo! VERY well done!!!


Very well done Matt. All you do for the IAA and the Forum is greatly appreciated by the rest of us. It is the contributors, like you and Chris P and Gary M and Bob R and Aaron and Keith L and the many others who make it all work and keep the IAA financially afloat that provide these great services for the rest of us. That includes both the IAA members, and those who are only Forum members, and even the many guests who visit the page without ever joining the Forum. With out the people who go out of their way to support the IAA and Forum in one form or another, the rest would be much disadvantaged.

My personal thanks!



Sounds like we need to have an Austin get together!


A cartridge-collector show in Texas should do well. A good place to start might be a shooting range or club that has a classroom for courses where you can set up 20 or so tables, and members of places like this can usually get the space for free. I find that promoting something like that in the relevant Facebook user groups having anything to do with guns, ammo, 2nd amendment, etc… as well as sending out a bunch of flyers to gun shops gets word out. You never know who will show up with an old cigar box of long-forgotten rare cartridges!


Years ago there was a very active Texas Cartridge Collectors’ Association. Then, they disbanded. I do not recall why. They held a very good show. I went to one at Houston, and it was as good as the Chicago show that year - somewhat smaller but everybit the same quality. Even some of our foreign friends were there. I was a member of their club for some years, and still can’t understand why there is no Texas group now.


I would attend a Texas get-together.


I’m in favor of a Texas show, I sure would be there “in a jiffy”.


It would be fun to have a Texas show! I’d try to attend.



The IAA Facebook page just crossed the 1000 “likes” threshold ! A major milestone, which was attained in no small part with much response from our Spanish, Argentine, and other Spanish-speaking member countries who follow with great interest. Thanks everyone.


When I search FB for International Ammunition Association, all I get is the Wikipedia entry reproduced on FB with 14 likes. Is it possible to get a direct link to the IAA Facebook group, or is it a hidden group?


try this - facebook.com/InternationalA … on?fref=ts



could you set up the IAA facebook page so I could add it to my groups and then it will push the new pages to me as you enter them? Vic


[quote=“RichT”]try this - facebook.com/InternationalA … on?fref=ts


Ah, there it goes! Merci.


I’m not quite sure what you mean Vic. Is that a Google+ thing you are talking about? Aaron Newcomer can probably answer your question.


I have some groups when ever a new item is added it shows up on my feed. I need to search this site out or maybe I don’t know what I am talking about?


Ok, well the page I am talking about is the IAA’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/InternationalAmmunitionAssociation?fref=ts Facebook of course being the ubiquitous social media website used mostly by people to to post photos for the benefit of friends & family they are linked with on the site, but also used heavily by commercial enterprises and groups, including us to promote the IAA.


Vic if you find the page and then “Like” the page when you next go on the page hover your curser over the “Liked” button and a drop down menu will apear just click “Get notifications” and you will get any notification from the page when they are posted just like your groups you already get items from



Thank you that seemed to work so I do not have to search it Vic