IAA Journal 458 - November/December 07

Issue #458 (Nov/Dec) is on its way to the printers.

Some great articles in this issue plus the usual columns: The .55/.22 Boys Auxiliary device and the history of H.W. Cooey who made it; A definitive study of the development of match rifle ammunition in Britain complete with factory drawings and box labels; The “Alberta Cutter’s” page is in full color (can’t promise this for every issue but there was some sectioned rounds that would not show well in B&W.); Lew Curtis traces the story behind the other DWM 9mm Luger case - #559; For the newer collector we have a piece on the Rollin White patent evasions which will explain some of the more unusual patent ignition cartridges they will encountered; some nice English proprietary shotshells, in color; sectioned .17 rimfires and color pictures of watch fobs (yes, watch fobs) from Canadian ammunition companies; For the “Big Boys” there’s the Swiss 15cm and 10.5cm rounds; nice display of 37 and 40mm AAI Gas Gun cartridges (color); Reloading tools