IAA Journal #485 headstamp assistance


Can anyone assist me with the manufacturer of some of the headstamps in the current Journal in “Witt’s End”.
The following I am having difficulties with.

Row 2, 2nd from the end
Row 2, 4th from the end.
Row 5, 2nd one in
Row 5, 4th one in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here are the headstamps in question. They are on either .22s or 6mm rimfires.


Thanks for posting the Pics Aaron. Hopefully someone can ID the makers.


The two F’s are by Federal. I am not near my collection or notes, so can’t give you I’D’s on the G’s until I get back.



Why not drop an email to Otto Witt. Normally, for every headstamp he puts in his “Witt’s End” he has a data card with the ID and usually a profile of the cartridge and a picture of the box. If you need his email address, drop me an email and I will give it to you.


Otto must have saw this post as he emailed me his files on these headstamps. Here they are:



Thanks Otto (and Aaron). I have the same Rimfire book but am missing many pages from it. Does anyone know where one could obtain a copy containing most pages?
Thanks for the ID assistance!!!


CartridgeCorner–If the the Rimfire book you are asking about is the “Rimfire Headstamp Guide”, contact George Kass at forammo@aol.com. He still has the original 9 sections (50 headstamps per section) available at $10.00 per section. However the 4 pages shown by Otto are not included in the original publication but have been added later using the same format.

Also, don’t think that just because you have missing numbers in your pages that you are actually missing pages. I was the co-author of the RHG and what happened was that George and I original made crude drawings of every headstamp we knew existed in the late 1970’s and assigned numbers to them in sequence. However, before we would publish a page for the RHG we needed positive proof in the form of a box or a catalog for a headstamp. So, we might have proof for say D-8, D-9 & D-11, but not D-10. Thus the pages in the RHG skip D-10. Send me an email if you want a copy of all the original drawings showing all the headstamps and the numbers assigned to them. Note: this list does NOT include any ID’s.


[quote=“Aaron”]Here are the headstamps in question. They are on either .22s or 6mm rimfires.


Here a picture of the Gustloff-Werke Hirtenberg on a 7,9 Mauser. Little different