Iaa journal #494

E-JOURNAL #494 arrived about a week ago but since I have been out of town, I had to wait until today to read it. There are usually one or two especially interesting JOURNAL articles that deserve special mention but, in this case, they are all so good that I’d have to mention every one of them.

Thanks to all who contributed, and to our hardworking editor who, once again, earned his salary.


I totally agree with Ray



In fact it was so good that I think we should double the editors salery ($0 x 2 = $00)

The work Chris does is amazing. He puts together a top notch magazine and much, much more such as dealing with the printer and distribution.


Amen to all of the above. Don’t forget he has to put up with all the IAA members and authors as well!
The editor is a Saint. A very talented one at that!

You are all correct, and JohnS is right on target as always.

Chris is amazing and had guided the growth of the IAA Journal from a 40 page B&W back in the late 1990s to the full color, gloss finish, 60 page Journal that contains some of the most professional articles on ammunition and ammunition history that can be found anywhere in the world. There have been a lot of intermediate stops between the Journals of the late 1990s and this current Journals. In addition to the incredible evolution Chris has driven in the print Journal, he also invented/created the electronic Journal that provides a very affordable option, particularly to our non-US members where postage costs have become most of the cost of IAA print Journal membership. My close association with Chris as Editor of the IAA Journal goes back to early 1999, and I have been continually impressed with his vision, capability and insight as he has taken the Journal to where it is today. THANKS CHRIS!!!

The performance of our Editor is essential to the quality of our Journal, but there is another contribution that is equally essential, and that is the articles, photos, questions and other material that is submitted for publication. These are the true treasures of the Journal and are the real basis for the success of the Journal. Chris has done yeoman work by providing a thoroughly professional vehicle to present the material, and by encouraging authors to spend the time and effort to create the material, but in the end, it is the authors and contributors who get the final credit for the Journal. MY DEEP THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED AND CONTINUE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE IAA JOURNAL!!!

The future of the Journal, and of the IAA, depends on Chris, and on the Editors who will succeed Chris in the future. It also absolutely depends on the IAA members (and non-members) who contribute the material that the Editor uses to create this outstanding publication,

The truth is that all of us, IAA members and non-members, old collectors and beginners have valuable contributions to make to the Journal, whether they are detail research or photos of new acquisitions or questions. The Journal must have value to all IAA members so must provide material across the vast scope of cartridges as well as being useful and interesting to both the beginner and advanced collector.

I encourage all of you to think about what you can contribute to the IAA Journal and then devote the time and effort to provide material to Chris. Some of you are regular contributors. Please continue with your valuable contributions. Others are occasional contributors and please continue to contribute. Most of you probably have not written anything for the Journal. Please consider contributing!

Thanks for putting up with my rambling. Now I need to follow my own advise and finish the two articles that I promised Chris last year!


Lew completely summed up my dealings with Chris.

Having never written for publication was daunting, but Chris offered solid advise and guidance.

To anyone reading this: CONTRIBUTE.
Share your research, your passion, what drives you to collect & study the things you do.
Someone out there is likely looking for the answers you already have & vice versa.
Chris is always looking for materials, send him something & see where it leads.

Well, it’s not often we get this much BS in a single Forum thread !! BS, that is, apart from Lew’s and Scott’s advice for both members and non-members to send in material !!

Gentlemen (and Lew) I thank you for your kind comments which serve to further inflate my ego.

However, I think there is a risk of making the job sound far bigger and more challenging than it really is. I won’t be doing the editor job for ever and I don’t want future editors frightened off by your description of the editor’s contribution to the IAA Journal, well-meaning though it was.

If I can briefly describe the Journal production process for the benefit of those who may not be familiar with it…

(1) You guys send me the material and I build the “jigsaw” using Adobe InDesign software.
(2) While I’m doing that, Gary Muckel and Matt Collins are working to produce the labels for both the printed Journal and the eJournal distribution, using our membership database.
(3) I send the print-ready Journal to our Printers electronically – takes a minute to initiate.
(4) I create the eJournal - which takes about 3 keystrokes!
(5) I send the eJournal to Matt and Aaron Newcomer, our webmaster.
(6) Aaron puts the new eJournal on the website and Matt sends out the notice that the new eJournal is ready for down-loading to our members who subscribe to the eJournal, and any inserts like the recent election ballot forms.
(7) I update the master index with the new Journal’s content and send it to Aaron to be put on the website.
(8) I go back to sleep
(9) While steps 5 thru 8 are in process, our Printer (In*Tech, formerly known as W&C Printing) in Minnesota prints the Journal, prints the envelopes, prints any inserts and/or membership cards. They stuff them into the envelopes per our instructions, sort them as required by the post office, and mail them all (they work with a shipping broker to mail the non-US members’ Journals).

It’s a team effort – and I haven’t even mentioned the people who provide regular columns or the support I get from the IAA Board. Together, they all make me look good!

Am I crazy? Probably – but show me a sane cartridge collector! I actually enjoy doing the editor job and look forward to starting the next issue. I have the pleasure of assisting in a process that provides cartridge collectors with a place to publish their material and I get more out of the IAA than I will ever be able to put in.

            So, I’m Just the guy who puts the jigsaw together.

Issue #494 is my 97th IAA Journal …… AND I STILL CAN’T GET IT RIGHT!

Don’t worry about over-inflating Chris Ps ego. I seriously doubt that a collector of .450 Revolver cartridges could possess an ego!

Still, he does amazingly good work and deserves our thanks and praise, as do those who help him with the process and we are indebted to them all.

The IAA run entirely by volunteers who we are dependent upon to do EVERYTHING including the website and this Forum. Chris is right. We should thank and appreciate them all. Without them there would be no IAA and without the IAA this Forum would not exist.

My thanks to you all!


Chris, who?

That help?