IAA Journal 496

Just got my notice that the latest digital IAA Journal 496 was available.

This one is a massive 80 pages, all color, and with a great mix of material.

Many thanks to Chris Punnett for his outstanding job as editor, and of course to the many folks who contributed everything from multi-page articles to small “filler” items that made Chris look extra good this time.

The best part is that I can download the digital Journal and have it available to search with a few keystrokes and not spend hours looking for a certain issue.

For us senior collectors, we can read and enjoy the digital version when it comes out; then read it all over again and enjoy it as new information when we get the printed copy in the mail in a few weeks!

Thanks to all!

I wish I could find things with just a few key-strokes. I can find things in my printed library ten times faster than I can find anything in my computer. :-(

The digital version is still great, as I can print out for file where I can find it only those articles of interest to me. As a “blood-sucking” life member I get the printed one too so I have all the information. I used to make xerox copies of articles for specific files, but my Canon copier is black and white only, so the color of the digital version is much nicer. Yes, another great effort by Chris!

#496 is another great issue! Here it is, just past noon on the 27th of February, and I’ve already read half of the March/April issue!