Iaa journal #507

My E-Journal arrived today. For those of you that still get only the printed version - too bad.

A quick look shows there is something for everyone. Our Editor did another great job and earned his inflated salary, again.

I read only two articles before putting it down. “30-06” by Rene K. which I always read first, and the Obituaries. I know that Obits are not supposed to be a happy time, but you are going to like this one.



The #507 e-Journal is fantastic, as usual. Chris sure deserves a raise, because his work issue after issue is worth a hell of a lot more than his current salary. Ray is right. I read Fuller’s obit and reached for a tissue; a rare experience for me. I knew Steve well, and he was a real character. Just like him to get the last, and I mean final, word in.

Ray, thanks for the flowers

and I can only agree with Mel. We put all our rubbish on paper or file but then Chris does the magic work and makes a state of the art magazine out of it.
Without his work , time and passion it would not be were it is now. I know he is generously paid but still a BIG thanks you from my side as well.

having said that, I didn’t receive a e-journal notice yet. Aren’t they all sent out at the same time.
Matt, any chance looking into this ?

Seasons Greetings

Agreed. An excellent issue. Rene’s article on the USGI Dummy 30-06 cartridges had my head spinning. I never realized that there were so many variations, and this article was only Part 1. Yikes!