IAA journal 508 - front page images


I just received the new journal (which is full of great data) and found those Polish shot shell boxes on the front page.

One is featuring the POLOXID-PAWAM logo and the other the PAWAM (inside an oval) only.

Does anybody have these boxes? Actually the Poloxid-PAWAM would be enough as I would be looking for a high res (highest possible) scan of that logo only.
Anybody out there who can help maybe?


Alex, I have pictures of two of these boxes (Hawk and Eagle), but I’m not sure if its definition is better than those in the journal.


Hi Alex,
I have some shotshell boxes from Poland and Russia, and I can bring them with me on sunday if you want.


Lars, sure you can and I would appreciate it much, but on Sunday I will be at the IWA in Nuremberg.


Fede, thanks, unfortunately these are not much better than the prior ones.
If all attempts will fail I will have to completely redo them manually what will be time consuming.