IAA Journal 519 Printed version – Overseas members


The printed version of Issue 519 of the IAA Journal destined for our Canadian and overseas members was shipped at the beginning of January using the usual US Postal Services’ “International Surface Air Lift” (ISAL) service. Until today no one appeared to have received it.

Today, a couple of the Canadian members got their copies …. via Sweden !?!

Our printer/distributor is investigating what happened.

I would be most grateful if our overseas members who get the printed Journal would let me know VIA EMAIL when they receive issue 519 and whether it is stamped “International Surface Air Lift, Chicago, Illinois” or something else.

cpunnett [at] sympatico.ca

Chris P.
Editor, IAA Journal….

PS: no comments about Canada and Sweden being indistinguishable please!


I am told that issue 519 has started to arrive in the UK and appeared to come via Sweden. However…

As I have discovered while researching what happens within the ISAL service, despite all appearances, they did not get sent to Sweden.

As it was stated to me in as simple terms as possible, the ISAL (International Surface Air Lift) Service is used by a number of countries where a licensed shipper pays for using the service through an “Office of Exchange” (“OE’s”) – one of which is in Malmo, Sweden. What you see on the envelope is called an “Indicia” not a post mark. The indicia indicates where the shipper deposited the fees for using the ISAL service. The indicia just records that payment was made and it is the original shipper who prints it and attaches it to the envelope. It has nothing to do with the route the piece of mail takes. It did not go to Sweden!

This was all news to me too !! Of course it doesn’t explain why it took so damn long !!

Chris P.