IAA Journal #527 May/June 2019 (and previous 3 issues)

Because of the problems we have encountered with Journal deliveries this last half year, we made a decision to expedite the delivery of the printed IAA Journal to our Canadian and overseas members beginning with the latest, the May/June issue #527.

The packages entered the postal system as 1st Class mail on June 3rd and I’m very pleased to hear that some of you got them as quick as the 11th. That’s great news.

We will continue with this expedited mailing for the remainder of the year. ALSO, please take note that we are also mailing a replacement copy of the the previous three missing issues, numbers #524, #525 & #526. These will be mailing one issue at a time, with #524 to be away in the next week or two.

A big thanks to Zac Weighman for doing all this extra work of packaging & mailing.

Thanks again for your patience.

Dwight Jackson
Editor, IAA Journal


Merci Dwiget, got mine safely! Regards JF