IAA Journal #541 Sep/Oct 2021 & 2021 Directory

Greetings everyone,
IAA Journal Sep/Oct 2021 issue #541 has been printed and will be sent via USPS sometime this week. This afternoon I have sent out the download links to the eJournal. I also sent out the 2021 members Directory, this 1st year as an attached PDF file, no longer a printed copy (also a download link if the email attachment is stripped off).

We have decided to send out only a PDF file this year to reduce costs - things are continuing to get expensive! Also of note, we have removed the street address from the members listing because of privacy concerns. Members phone number & email address are still included so contact can still be made.

If you did not receive either email, please contact Gary Muckel our membership chairman, as we may have your email address incorrectly listed in our database.

Dwight Jackson
Editor, IAA Journal


Thank you for the heads up, I eagerly await the download link!