IAA Journal- all color?

How much more expensive would it be, dues wise, to get an all color Journal? Anybody else out there in favor a slicker Journal? Paul Smith’s (now known as the “Alberta Cutter” - thanks Rene) sectioneds would have been MUCH better in color.
Add $10 bucks/yr X 1000(members) = $10,000.00
That might ensure at least a few color pages…
Just thought I’d throw that out there, for consideration.

Sounds good to me. I’d pay more just to have it mailed 1st class. i still have not received the last one. I am a relatively new member but so far I have only received 2 out of 4 Journals. Chris was nice to mail me a replacement for one of the two. No worries, but in a perfect world, I’d love to pay extra to be guaranteed a copy of the current issue Journal, especially since they are AWESOME!

Yes, we frequently assess the cost of additional color pages up to and including all-color. The printed version is produced using offset printing which remains very expensive - prohibitively so. What you’ve got is what we can afford though I am hoping to add color pages in the remaining issues (center color pages occur every other issue at the moment).

Since the electronic version is the same one as goes to the printers it is also only partially in color. Because of the way it is produced, building a B&W issue and a separate all-color issue would add considerably to my workload. Until I can get a significant change in the printing process (which I am pursuing), the electronic version will remain identical to the printed version.

One of the key issues is ensuring that the editor’s job remains manageable so that when I get assassinated by a .22 box collector, someone can take over easily. As a result the process must be straightforward.
… Chris P.

I, personally, don’t even want to think of a time when Chris isn’t the IAA Journal editor. His work with the Journal has been nothing less than phenomenal. Under his watch, primarily, it went from a nice club bulletin to a professional journal of high standards. He would be the toughest act to follow!

John Moss

I’ve only been a member for a few months now and have been blown away by how incredible the Journal is and what an incredible job Chris does making it happen. I just hate when it gets lost in the mail :-) I highly doubt Chris could ever be followed by anyone else short of a complete, high paid, publishing TEAM or crew.


[quote=“JohnMoss”]I, personally, don’t even want to think of a time when Chris isn’t the IAA Journal editor. His work with the Journal has been nothing less than phenomenal. Under his watch, primarily, it went from a nice club bulletin to a professional journal of high standards. He would be the toughest act to follow!

John Moss[/quote]
John, I second that!!! M. Rea

Your kind comments are appreciated but INACCURATE !! The last thing I want is people to think that no one could take over from me. One day I will retire from this job or drop dead.

Please note I do not write the Journal, I merely edit it. The IAA IS A TEAM.

Improvements in the appearance of the Journal are the result of suggestions from the IAA members.

Over at least the last 8-10 years, we have had a very active IAA team who have “beaten the bushes” for quality material. The very modest Mr. Moss is responsible for many of the articles from the former Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia as he made contact with those individuals (some of whom have yet to join the IAA) and encouraged them to write articles. The same goes for our retiring President Lew Curtis who has produced much, both of his own and encouraging others to do the same. If I have made a contribution it is to rigidly stick to the schedule so people know when to expect their Journal (even if the US postal service doesn’t cooperate). I also believe in a minimalist approach to editing so that people’s individual style is apparent. By producing a Journal at regular intervals and of a reasonable production quality, it is our aim to make the IAA Journal the publication of choice for aspiring and established ammunition authors.

The editor’s job is fully documented so if anyone is interested in taking over…

… Chris P.

PS: Jason - if you are still missing some issues then email me (don’t use the PM as I delete all unread). My email address is in every Journal.
Issue #457 has only just been mailed.

I too can get back issues out mailed out (I have a stash of “recent” last 12 months, copies) ASAP to those that have suffered the “mail blues”…a near fatal disease if awaiting the IAA Journal…I want to save face for the IAA…and will get them out the day I get the e-mail (don

Well Chris, looks like you’ll get at least 5 votes. I wish I could have voted for ALL those in the running for a Director’s slot. What a crew.

On a side note, I have been involved in the editing and production of a (free) newsletter for the past 20+ years, so I am familiar with what Chris goes through in getting the Journal out to us. It’s a suck job. L-O-N-G hours. Prodding for articles. Updating mailing lists. It goes on and on. Pagemaker sure made cutting and pasting less of a hassle. And SPELLCHECKER! Makes editors look smart.

I hereby submit that all IAA officer’s attendance, travel and accommodation expenses to SLICS be supplied by the IAA. I know. It’s all volunteer. But as a thank you from all of us to the few who afford us their time and efforts, it’s the least we members could do.


Hey Slick Rick - if you make that retroactive, I will vote for it. I have been the Secretary for a decade and only missed one Chicago/St. Louis show in that time! O.K. Just kidding. Don’t think the IAA Could afford to pay expenses for all the officers and Directors. For those in the St. Louis area, show expenses aren’t too bad. For those that live far away and fly in - well, that’s another thing. Used to cost me about $800.00 for travel, room and board, every year. Some years a little less, some a little more depending on air fares that year. Mulitply that times five or six for attending officers and directors, and it is a pretty big bite out of the budget!

Thanks for everything Chris. I am happy it just went out not to long ago and their is still a chance it is on the way :-) U-rule!

OK then. A $15.00 increase in dues. That should cover the color AND the SLICS trip for the “volunteers”. Again, a small token of appreciation. I say your efforts are worth $800/year. That’s only $67/month. $2/day. Can’t feed a kid in Columbia for that.

Gentlemen, please don’t be too quick to spend all the meagre finances of the IAA. Between printing and mailing costs, there is scant little left over, even with the increase in dues. There may be savings with the e-Journal, but we will have to see how that pans out. Our finances are run on a shoe string. Check back in the Journals for our financial statements and you will see what I mean.

The inceases will keep us in the black for the next few years assuming we don’t do anything with excessive expenses. Read that as: We don’t have the money to make a full colour journal as Chris pointed out, nor as John pointed out is there money to pay for Officers or directors travel exenses. I do agree that both would be nice, but I don’t think you want a $50 increase in dues…


Chris is right, the IAA is a team of volunteers and a good one. I suspect all have spent money out of their pockets to get things done for the IAA including a guy who bought a new software program for his computer so he could take on a job for the IAA! Lots of people contribute to the IAA (like making the website and this Forum work) and lots do other things like keeping the membership database current and managing our membership programs, and many other activities including great contributions to the Journal. The bottom line is that the Journal will only be as good as the material contributed by the members (and in some case, non-members).

Still, the fact remains that Chris is the heart and soul of the IAA Journal. Chris richly deserves the credit for the state of the Journal today. In 1999 the Journal was 40 pages per issue and no color and Chris has grown it to 60 pages with color in every other Journal and a color cover. Chris’ initiatives will soon (in 2008) lead to an electronic Journal and a color section in every copy (as long as the material available justifies the expense). In addition, Chris now edits an IAA directory that we were not producing in 1999, and he also edits and manages the Guide to Cartridge collecting that goes to all new members. Finally, he has created the first ever index to the IAA Journal and our previous publications, and it is this 50+ year index which created the demand for the CDs we now sell of the first 45 years of the IAA publications. What you don’t see are the business arrangements that Chris has forged with our printer that have significantly helped control our cost growth. Our IAA Journal is the heart of the association, it is the basic product we give our members, and Chris is the heart of the Journal.

Chris is also much more than just the Journal editor, he is the Vice President of the IAA and someone I have relied on heavily over these past 9 years. When I got so busy to cover some things, Chris was always there to handle things, when I needed wise council, Chris was there, when we needed new ideas, Chris was there. Chris is a delight to work with and we all owe him a great debt of gratitude.

One thing we have done is create a spreadsheet model of the IAA financial status that allows us to predict the future. Based on this model we recognized that we need a dues increase in 2008 and the implementation is underway. The new international rates mean that the rate increase will fall most heavily on our overseas members. To offset this, Chris figured out a way to produce an electronic copy of the Journal that we will begin distributing world-wide for a $25 eJournal membership. With these changes, I believe that the IAA will not have to increase dues for another 10-15 years (our last dues increase was in 1999) depending of course on actual growth. This is important since many of our members are young, and like a lot of us back then, have to strictly ration what they spend on collecting, including the Journal. Others are on a fixed income and have to decide what to give up as prices increase. The IAA needs to be sensitive to the full spectrum of our members and provide service to all of them.

What the IAA needs in more effort getting collectors who are not currently part of the association to get signed up and join. It is not the quality of the Journal that limits membership, but perhaps a lack of recruiting by the membership. I know that some members are strong recruiters, but the fact is, most never recruit a new member. I’ve found that giving someone a gift of a membership/subscription is not only a good way to say thanks, but over half the time the individual gets hooked and renews. The eJournal will make this even easier and cheaper to do.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to be an officer of the IAA. The IAA officers, committee chairmen and all the others who have a role in running the IAA do a great job. My thanks to them all.

Lew Curtis
IAA President

I got my copy today :-) It is awesome as usual. Thanks to all involved.


Mine arrived yesterday, and I was glad to see it is the Membership Roster issue!
The Member Roster is a fantastic tool for establishing and maintaining contact with other collectors in your geographical area and those who share your collecting interests. I’ve found new sources of cartridges for my collection, and new outlets for cartridges I had but knew no local collectors who needed them.
The IAA Forum and website are great, but no substitute for membership in the IAA.