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I just received the digital copy of the journal, and I wanted to clarify something about the email exchange which Fred Davis and I had with Chris Punnett on the topic of KTW that appears in the KTW article about Teflon coating. It looks like Fred might have been under the impression that I was implying that the supposed actions of the San Francisco gun exchange in terms of selling KTW might have been one of the types of factors that led to misinformed politicians to pursue legislation against such ammunition. I can see how I might have sounded that way in text as if to place blame on the store itself, but what I meant to imply was that the fact that a location like the Exchange was selling such ammo, (and doing so perfectly legally), was one of the many little things which politicians tried to twist into a reason for their being a need for such legislation banning KTW ammo. In fact some politicians were claiming that this would lead to criminals purchasing legitimate quantities to use in crimes, when this was never true. I just wanted to point out how N.A.O. had begun distributing a little bit more loosely than the original KTW had, and this menial fact was used against N.A.O. when politicians tried to ban the ammo’s sale by dealers. The Exchange was just one of the many dealers who started having ammo as a result of this around 1980 and did nothing wrong. Bear in mind that I’m not even 100% sure that my explanation on the coating timeline fully explains what Fred was talking about, it’s just my best guess as to what Dupont was doing back then. Fred also sent some great boxes in for this article for the photos and I loved hearing about the coating, I didn’t fully know all those facts before the emails back and forth.

DEK - no worry. Concerning what Fred said, I can confirm, as ex-manager of the store in question, that what he told you was accurate. We did not sell KTW by the box to anyone. Most of the boxes, unfortunately (in retrospect), went into the garbage can if Fred didn’t want them or I had them already. There were actually more types of ammo, then legal, that we would not sell in quantity at any price, but did sell singles only as “collector’s items.” The unfortunate part was that there were many collectors that would not join IAA (then ICCA) or any other organization. For each collector we know among our colleagues in the hobby, there are probably ten we don’t know, who have the cigar box full of singles, or are even more advanced. I got a couple of really rare cartridges from guys who professed not to be “true” cartridge collectors, but at the time, had a better collection than I did.

When the Gun Exchange Closed, the Deputy Chief of Police of San Francisco, who had asked the city several times not to bother us since we posed no problem to the Police and, in fact, quite the opposite since we answered their questions in firearms cases, and many of the officers were customers of ours, attended our “close-down party.” Unfortunately, it was dealing with the politicians and paying an extortionist extra tax basically levied just on our store (we were the only big gun shop left in the City, and for reasons I suppose I had best not get into, the famous big auction house in San Francisco, which sold as many modern guns as we did, was exempted from the tax) that was one of the main reasons for the store closing. The tax alone turned a highly successful, fifty+ year old gun shop into a nonprofit organization, and ended up putting sixteen people out of work. That is when I retired.

A typical result of left-wing liberal trash Democrats ruling the City and California.

John Moss


A typical result of left-wing liberal trash Democrats ruling the City and California.

John Moss[/quote]

Sadly now the entire USA and Europe too. Within the next few months we will likely have Tony Blair as unelected dear leader emperor overlord of the EU Socialist superstate.

Falcon, i sincerely hope we don’t. Lets not forget it was Tony Blair who pushed through the handgun ban in Britain. It was a cheap bit of electioneering on his part when he was running for office to promise a ban and he did it in the months immediately after he got in.

Not a man to be trusted.

Apparently it is almost certain that it will happen.

In the words of a guy at work “He’ll jut love that, his smug, grinning face on every stamp across Europe”.

I understand that the Czechs are the only hold out over some of the current EU legislation going through. Good for them! I wonder if KTW is legal in the Czech Republic.

It is too late, the Czech prime minister said yes so the Lisbon Treaty will become EU law. The UK rulers decided that choosing who makes our laws is not the people’s business and signed the treaty without even having a public vote on it.

The way things are going, I hope that the ECRA can still have meetings with real cartridges in Europe 10 years from now, or even 2 years from now…

My personal sense is that if anything gets hit in the near future in Europe it will be reloading.
I don’t think collecting is high enough on their list to worry about at the moment but it could be in trouble by association, many of the aspects of reloading (possession of components for example) are closely allied with collecting as well.