IAA Journal Back Issues 2005-2015

Is there any thought towards including the last 10 years worth of IAA Journals to the “everything from 1955” DVD? I’m currently holding off until the Canadian dollar is a bit more reasonable vs the USD to join and order the $50 DVD, but 60 back issues at $5 each is pretty daunting.

Late to the collecting game, but eager to catch up!

I may be wrong, but I think the IAA will be offering a 2006 to 2010 CD after the 2015 year end, if that is all you need, but it will be also included in the “1955 on” CD.

The CD is only done at 5 year intervals.

The e-journals are very reasonable and you get the full year back issues, with the e-journal and/or the paper-journal membership.

So now is the time to join if you want 2015 coverage.

Someone else will hopefully correct me if I have it wrong.


By joining the IAA and getting the Journal in either printed or e-journal format (or both at a reduced price) gives you access to the memebers section. Contained there in are scanned copies of past Journals through 2005 to be viewed as you please, and eventually another series of latter Journals will be added. So for $25 US you can get the current Journal emailed to you as a high quality color PDF and you gain access to the members section and the past Journals. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!


Sounds good to me! I misunderstood that a new member would get the current year’s journals only and have to purchase anything from 2014 back.

Got tired of waiting for the CAD to rebound. Payment sent, membership pending!

Good man. Welcome…