IAA Journal back issues DVD


The update of the IAA Journal back issues for 1955 to 2010 is now available. This DVD release now covers 2005 to 2010.
The cost to previous purchasers is $10 plus $2 postage to US buyers or $10 plus $4 postage outside the US.

The cost to first time purchasers is $50 plus postage of $2 or $4.

The DVD is available to IAA members only.

Please submit payment via paypal to: purchases@cartridgecollectors.org or by check to:
6531 Carlsbad Dr
Lincoln, NE 68510



That’s great news. While I’m rather low tech and enjoy the hard copy Journal, the DVD is very convenient when tracking down a topic. I look forward to adding these five years to the digital reference collection.



To be clear, this DVD 2005-2010 is $50 ($54 in my case), plus the 1955-2005 is an additional $50 ($52 in my case)? Or is this a single DVD covering from 1955 to 2010?


The DVD from 2005 to 2010 is $10 + postage IF you purchased the earlier version DVD from 1955 to 2004.

IF you didn’t buy the earlier one (thus being a first time purchaser) then it is $50 + postage for the complete, 1955 to 2010 DVD.


I am sorry that I was not clear. Pete is right on.
The new DVD covers 1955 through 2010. It adds the years 2005 through 2010 that the previous DVD did not include.
If you purchased the previous DVD, the cost is only $10 plus shipping, considered as a supplement to the previous release.
However, if you are not a previous purchaser, the cost is $50 plus shipping. Purchaser information is maintained with the membership files.
The index is included.

The cost is very reasonable considering the tremendous amount of information contained in 55 years of IAA journals.


Excellent. I was thrown off by the web site (not forum) information. Definitely a worthwhile investment. I’m holding out for the CAD/USD exchange to be a bit more favourable before I place my order.