IAA Journal editor Chris P. email problem?



I tried to contact the IAA Journal editor several times, but it seems he did not get my email messages (with an article for the IAA Journal).

My first message was rejected by the Canadian server and the other two messages I sent from a different email address were left unanswered. This is odd, since had Chris always replied that he had received the article and informed me about the Journal issue my article would be published in.

What is wrong? Has Chris changed his email (no longer the sympatico address?) or is there a different problem? Thanks for any help!
Chris Koll


The last e-mail I received from Chris is from Aug. 26th and was still from the sympatico address.
Are you sure you made no typo



Chris is on “dial up” and I would venture to say it has some limitations (size, speed, etc.)

maybe (?) send it to me ?..I will try to get it to him


Pepper Burruss
IAA President


I received an email from Chris yesterday so he is on line. I will forward your note to him.



Thank you one and all.
No problems that I am aware of with my email. I’m on dial-up but can get files up to 15mb. Bigger than that and you will get a rejection message from the Sympatico/Hotmail server.
Chris K.: Apologies - I have recevied no emails from you since June and I check my server’s spam file every Sunday.

Chris P.
ps: I’ll be in Walenstadt for the ECRA meeting.