IAA Journal Editor retires- THANK YOU

Not for retiring, but for 20+ years of OUTSTANDING Journals. Chris Punnett included the following note on page 29 of IAA Journal 524:

“From the Editor.
This is my last IAA Journal. No, I don’t know how many pages I have edited over the last 21 years, or how many illustrations I have used, or even how many errors I have made (I lost count)! The next issue (#525 - January/February, 2019) will be under the Editorship of Dwight Jackson and I wish him well.
I don’t know where the time has gone and I have had so much fun doing it. So much, in fact, that I wonder why the IAA never thought to actually charge me for the pleasure of editing the Journal!? Another missed revenue opportunity!?
I thank you, the readers, for your patience with my often peculiar sense of humor, my typing errors, and my lack of flexibility on the publishing deadlines.
I thank those that contributed articles, material, regular columns, and those that just offered encouragement. I hope you will all continue to support the new editor.
I’d like to mention and thank the unsung heroes of the IAA - Gary, Zac, Matt & Aaron. Gary looks after the membership database - collecting the money that I spent on the Journal!! Zac looks after hard-copy back issues and new membership packages. Matt helps with mailing labels for the printers and, along with Aaron, handles the distribution of the eJournal. These are the guys who work behind the scenes to support the Journal production and you wouldn’t
get a Journal without them!
I will remain active in cartridge collecting and intend to continue to attend the St. Louis and European shows. So I look forward to seeing many of you again and next time you won’t feel the urge to hide from me thinking that you still owe me an article or two.
Future correspondence and material for the IAA Journal should be sent to Dwight Jackson (dvjackson@shaw.ca).
Ladies & gentlemen: it has been a privilege and a pleasure… Chris Punnett”


A big THANK YOU to Chris and looking forward to see him at a German show maybe!

I, 3rd the big THANK YOU to Chris for all his hard work, wisdom & efforts.

Great magazine!!!


Many thanks, for being a GREAT editor and putting together a GREAT journal.

Jim Buchanan

It was a great pleasure to work with you on a few miserable articles. Thank you so much for your patience and assistance in making them somewhat better.


I would like to express my sincere thanks to Chris for his role in publishing an extremely outstanding journal.

I gigantic thank you for all that you have done, Chris! I’m not a great writer, and you really helped me a lot in both ideas and motivation to write my two APFSDS-T articles. So much respect and gratitude for everything!


Brilliant job Chris, thank you very much. Best Ian

Very well done, Chris, now you can take a well-deserved break from the relentless need to identify suitable content to fill the pages!

Thanks Chris for all of your hard work. Happy collecting.

A very big thank my dear Chris.


Thank you very much Chris for your nice work!

Hi Chris
I will not miss this opportunity to wish you the best although in particular that your health
will improve at least somewhat the best to you Chris for the future
Peter+ Susanne

Many thanks to you all for your kind words. I have discovered that there is life after editorship !!
Chris P.


It is a very phylosophical answer my dear friend.

 With my sincere friendship.