IAA Journal Issue 457 - Coming Soon (if the USPS cooperates)


The coming issue (my 60th Journal) has just gone to the printers. It is a particularly “international” edition as we have, in addition to our US and Canadian contributors, articles from the Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Holland, Crete, England & Germany.

Want to know what the Pope prefers for his concealed-carry hardware


FIRED - UP!!! Pun intended! Sounds awesome Chris. Thanks so much for the heads-up. Can’t wait. I know you work surehard putting these high quality publications out and I thank you very much.




If by “Freudian” you mean that Benchrest shooters sometimes name their cartridges guided by his Theory Of The Unconscious Mind, you are getting close to the truth. No one has ever accused us of being otherwise. But I can tell you from personal experience that it is peaceful in there.

Just wait until your readers are introduced to the .30 SHINKLE-FRITZ-GOSCINMINSKI. That moniker simply rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it.



Ray - Post a picture and specs for the .30 Stinker - ? - goshomighty. I want to start a file on it.

Yes, aside from the name, which I forgot about 1 microsecond after hitting the reply button, I am serious. If you are not joking and the cartridges is real, I do want to start a file on it.

John Moss



It’s a real cartridge, although the inventors call it the 30 SFG. Putting their last names together, you can see why they went to the shorter name.

I think it will be in the next JOURNAL but here’s a photo. As a bonus, it also shows the steps in forming.

It’s a Benchrest cartridge made from 35 Remington brass. Shortened, necked down, reduced body taper, and a sharper shoulder. The boys used 35 Rem brass because it gave them the case capacity they were after (45 grains) without a lot of case trimming. Why they used the nickeled brass, I have no idea. Maybe it was better quality, or maybe it just looked pretty.

Since they are the only 3 shooters that use the cartridge I don’t know why you’d be interested in cataloging it, but they would probably be flattered that you want to.

I know that Chris (and others) think that I make up some of these Benchrest cartridges, but there are so many hard-to-believe ones that I don’t have to lie because I can tell the truth and you will think that I am lying.



Ray - I am interested in cataloging it because when you mentioned it I didn’t know if you were joking or it was a real wildcat cartridge. Now I do and know the story of it. Maybe next time it will be someone asking me. You cannot have too much information, although as my library expands into the garage, my wife is not of that opinion.

John Moss


Better and better.