IAA Journal issue #462

  • I received today the printed copy of the IAA Journal issue #462 [July/August 2008]. As usual this issue has very interesting articles. Nice black and white pictures on page 8-9-10 from the St. Louis International Cartridge Show [2008], especially the photo showing the current IAA president together with the past president. The front cover of this last issue is fantastic [“British Proprietary Topwads”]. Liviu 07/09/08

Fired-up! Can’t wait!

Next year their should be an official IAA SLIC SHOW VIDEO TAPE for the Nerds like me who never seem to get away to the show. I’d definitely buy a copy each year whatever it costs. Looking forward to seeing the pics in 462 big time.

That is strange,because I even don’t received the eJournal


Hey gyrojet

I haven’t gotten mine either. Maybe there’s a secret ant-Dutch guy club we don’t know about. I’ll see what I can find out.

Slick Rick (VanHouten)

How come the e-journal is later than the printed one? Still waiting for an e-mail.

I was on a month long business trip and it came in late one night and I simply filed it and forgot about it until reminded today.

Sorry, guys!

I guess we’ll have to cut John’s pay for being late.

  • Well, I’m glad I started this topic today … Liviu 07/09/08

Yes Liviu

I forget it till you started this topic !!!

Thanks Liviu

All my Best

The blame for a late eJournal deserves spreading around a bit. I sent the material to John and should have noticed that I had not gotten the email on the eJournal, but didn’t give it another thought until I saw this thread! I just got distracted and forgot to follow-up, something that happens more often as I get older!

Sorry guys, I’ll ask Pepper to dock my pay also.

Cheers, Lew

Did anyone else find the photo of the sectioned CBAP 9mm cartridge to be pretty amazing? I did (even though it’s just a basic steel core). I had always known about the Conjay site, and their many photos and listings for AP pistol ammo including the CBAP ammo, which I figured was in-house, but never knew anything about it, and could never get a response to any emails from them. I figured the site was defunct or something? Great job, and good info to whomever sectioned, photoed, and posted the caption for that cartridge! I’m glad to know what “CBAP” means now because I had always thought it stood for “Conjay Brass Armor Piercing” as in Brass core, or gilded brass monolithic. It looks like that CBAP is just a revamped version of the typical German and Czech stuff, but with an actual hardened core.

The CBAP was produced for the Dutch I believe (have seen a box and it was a Dutch source) and also porduced in or for Poland. The latest green tip Israeli AP in 9mmP looks a lot like the CBAP!

Today I received the printed Journal


Not bad! I received mine yesterday!