IAA Journal Issue 465 (Jan/Feb)

The January/February IAA Journal is at the printers.

Starting with this issue, we have overcome some technical challenges and the eJOURNAL version of this will be ALL COLOR (where I have been provided color illustrations). Unfortunately, the printed copy will still only have limited color illustrations because of cost constraints.

This issue has some great articles: Howard Hoovestol penned one on the .56-46 Spencer; Zac Weighman’s first on novelty cartridges; another is on the .455 Auto Proof; Cartridges of the Manceaux & Vieillard system by A. Leveau for those who like early percussion cartridges; Karel Ja

Okay Forum Users- I’ve been watching here and there are a LOT of people with a LOT of knowledge that gets shared here.

Make Chris look like a hero and send him a picture and a paragraph or two, or even a long article if you feel ambitious. Make him work hard to pick from a huge pile of material instead. You got his PM and email addresses above.

He wants color- send him color! There are a bunch of people who like “color tips” and here is your chance to show your stuff!

I know some you you have been doing some sectioning (safely so far, but be REAL careful so he won’t have to print more obituaries in the Journal…) Send in some photos of what you discovered on the inside when you sectioned.
The IAA Journal is a wonderful produce and each of us can help make it better!