Iaa journal issue #489

A shameless plug for IAA and the JOURNAL follows:

The electronic version of #489 arrived via my flat screen monitor yesterday evening. Another great feature article by Tony Edwards, and other articles by authors whose names you will immediately recognize. Something in it for everyone.

You guys who aren’t members of IAA don’t realize what you are missing. Join now!

P.S. And another great job by our Editor In Chief, Chris Punnett. He earns every penny of his salary.


I will be the first to admit that I am at fault for not having submitted at least one full article this past year, but others should take note that although they may not think they have anything worth mention or are not able to compose an article, we should all endeavor to assemble one. Having a backlog of articles to fill in the journal is not a problem Chris minds having, and he is ready & able to assist in minor formatting issues and image editing to fit articles.

Thanks again Chris Punnett!

AND…if drawings are needed for an article, as always, I can help…


And… even if you’re shy about writing your own article, you may still find your name in the JOURNAL. Chris often takes interesting threads from the Forum and weaves them into an article, with full credit to the contributors. So, you can participate simply by sharing your thoughts and ideas via the Forum.


The IAA Journal also prints articles by non-members! We have had a number of excellent articles submitted by non-members who would like to document their research, but for various reasons are not members of the IAA. For those who feel their command of English is not adaquate to write an article, send it to me or Chris and we will make sure it reads well in English, or find someone who can do that for you.

A non-member who has an article published will be sent, on request, a copy of the Journal where it appears-either an eJournal or a printed Journal.

Having said this, the fact is that Ray got it right! Membership makes sense for anyone who has an interest in ammunition. The scope of the articles in the Journal always impresses me. At $25/year for the eJournal and $35 for the print Journal (for US members. More for Canadian and overseas members due to postage costs.) it is a bargain.

Take a look at the Index of past Journals, accessable through the IAA Home page - link at the top of this page. IAA Members can purchase over 50 years of Journal articles for $50.

Joining is easy through the IAA home page with payment through PayPal!


Chris is always in need of pictures of interesting boxes, labels, & cartridges to use as filler material in the Journal also.

I’ve been slacking on writing something for a few years! Time to get off my butt as I have some APFSDS ideas :-)


Ray, they are a great team! I get the electronic version and simply print it out on a high quality color laser printer and then run it through the binding machine at the office :) I have them in my gun shop covered up like the valuable print items they are.

By the way, I’m shipping out that package of .30-06 to you today with the stuff from Gerald.