IAA Journal Nov/Dec

The printed version of Issue 524 (Nov/Dec 2018) was mailed around the beginning of November last year.

For our Canadian and overseas members, it appears that only New Zealand and some in The Netherlands have received this issue. We are working with the printer and shipper to determine what has happened.

Thanks for your patience.
Gary Muckel IAA

Still waiting for my nr 524. Means also no access to the members only page!

I would be happy to send you the IAA ejournal for this use while we have our printer work out the problem with his shipper. We still have150 members without that journal. However, I cannot do it through this system not knowing your nickname. Please send a note to me at gmuckel9@gmail.com so I can respond directly to your email address.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for your offer I appreciate that.

Jan Van de Ven IAA member Beveren-Waas, Belgium.