IAA journal suggestion

I can’t remember exactly what the last topic about this was, but it seemed like somebody had said either in the forum or in the journal that there would soon be available the 2000-2005 journals on CD for purchase? Is this going on? And also, I find that occasionally there is an article I want from this era, or even 2005-2007 from before I was a member. Maybe these articles or digital journals could be offered at a high price which would be realistic enough to sell some, and also high enough to prevent those who might want to purchase them and not join the IAA - so that they would either be paying nearly as much for one copy (as they would for membership), or else would join anyway to get the monthly journals.

There was an announcement on the old Forum. Electronic copies of back issues of the Journal are available for $5 each paid to the Membership Chairman Gary Muckel. You can make purchases through PayPal to Purchases@CartridgeCollectors.org. Just list which copies you need and send the correct money. Gary sends the order to me and I send them out on email. These are available through the most current copy.

In late 2010 or 2011 the IAA will update the CD of back copies through 2005. IAA Members who order the back copies will get the set through 2005. Members who already bought the set of back copies can just buy the 5 year update.

Awesome, thanks Lew. I’ll be doing a blitz of researching and compiling before the next SLICS then!