Iaa journal


Chris sets a new high level of production with the current edition of the JOURNAL. It just keeps getting better and better. Color and content. Something for just about every collecting interest in this edition ( although the BUDD/PETMECKY CLEANER article could hardly get closer to the WHO CARES edge of the hobby. Here I was thinking that articles about current commercial shotshells were snoozers. This subject took 3 guys to write a page and a half).

The “post mortem” collection disposal article by Adye-White is interesting and should be helpfull to some in the future. (I have been selling my collection for 27 years. I plan to sell the last cartridge the hour before they close the lid but the headstamped Nordenfeldt and Gatlings are going in the box with me). Grave robbers forget it - cremation and scattering over Woodin lab.

THIS ISSUE;History,news,technology AND comedy; GREAT !

If I wasn’t already a life member I would renew my membership now.


This issue is only the 2nd one I have ever seen and it was AWESOME! Beyond interesting and covered so many topics. Chris and the IAA crew rule!