IAA Journal!

I rejoined the IAA and just received my journals. WOW! The journal has turned into a magazine with excellent graphics and color! I would have to say that the journal alone is well worth the membership. A Bravo Zulu to the crew who puts an outstanding publication together. Thank you. Cheers!


Welcome back. The “crew” which puts the Journal together is actually a one-man crew named Chris Punnett, the editor and IAA Executive VP. Chris has been doing this for a long time, and because of him, the Journal just gets better and better with every issue. Back in the old days when I was the editor, it took me at least a couple of hours on average to finish a single page layout; sometimes a bit less, sometimes more. Chris does 60 pages, so you do the math. His salary is, of course, zero dollars and at the last IAA Board of Directors meeting at SLICS, he refused to accept reimbursement for an expensive ($800) software package that he now uses to setup the Journal to be compatible with current publishing standards because he also uses the software for things other than the IAA Journal. I sure hope he never decides that he’s had enough.

Chris’ “crew” is made up of the folks who contribute photos, articles, etc. to the Journal, and Chris is always in need of more material. So if you want to help, how about an article on the different types of 16-inch, 2-ton projectiles you used to fire from Missouri? Don’t worry about how smooth it is; Chris has several helpers who do that.


AMEN! A huge Thank You to Chris for his superb work.

And a pending Thank You to Mel for his ongoing work on Hackley, Woodin & Scranton Volume 3.

Hi ‘Roundsworth’ – welcome back to the IAA and thank you for those kind words about the IAA Journal. The introduction of full color last year has certainly enabled us to make the Journal look a little more professional and allowed us to provide better illustrations to compliment the great material we are getting.

While Mel’s comments are doing wonders for my already-inflated ego, I feel I must correct the impression that this is a one-man show. While my name does appear as the editor and I am happy to get the credit (and the occasional constructive criticism), it is very much a team effort: I’m just the guy who puts the jigsaw together.

As I said above, we are getting great material in the form of in-depth articles and photographic filler and this is complemented by the regular “columnists” who provide material for every issue in such a way that it makes it easier to balance the content of each issue to please as many people as possible. Issue 492 (at the printers now) introduces two new columns – Aaron Newcomer’s pinfires and René Kloosterman’s one on .30-06. We are still looking for someone to do a regular column on large caliber/artillery (hint… hint !)

Then there are the behind-the-scenes people like Matt, who handles the distribution side – doing the address and membership card files for the printer and the distribution of the eJournal, and Zac who does the back-issue management. We use a full-service printer who takes the print-ready file from me via an FTP process and does the printing and mailing. They also do the membership cards, envelopes, and anything else that arrives with your printed version of the IAA Journal.

So now you know how little the IAA editor actually does !!!

It is true that in Mel’s time as editor it did take, on average, about 2 hours per page. However, the world has made some technological leaps since those days: electricity, the automobile, moon landings (sorry Mel – I am joking … about electricity and the automobile). Seriously, in Mel’s day, and when I took over in 1997, probably 95% of the material came via ordinary mail requiring retyping and scanning of photos. Now the situation is reversed and 95% of the material comes via email with digital photos and text which just requires a ‘copy & paste.’ However, I still get, and welcome, hand-written material where people do not have access to computers. These days it takes, on average, about an hour a page, if that.

The IAA Board will now pass a vote to reduce my salary !!