IAA journals

As a new member of the IAA, I have only the 10 last journals, In the member’s section some old journals are online for viewers but I Don’t know how to zoom them to make them readable.
Is there a way to download these journals and the others I missed?

Howdy Laurent
The journal are not meant to be downloaded as it is for member use only. You can use (on my MAC ) the command button (two infinity symbols) & the + or - to increase of decrease the magnification.

Another alternative is to buy the back issue CD. An advert for this once was found at the top of the forum but seems to have disappeared?

I believe it is $50 plus postage. E-mail the membership secretary Gary Muckel at the address listed in the Journal and he can help you obtain it.


Thank you pete, I will contact Gary Muckel.
All my best