IAA membership renewals

The IAA is now preparing mailing labels for the January issue this weekend. It would be helpful if all members would pay their dues immediately before their membership expires in January. The January issue will include a final renewal warning. Any member wanting to know their membership status can always email me.

I note that a growing number of ejournal members are late in their renewals. Please look at your download notice for your status or just pay now. If you pay an extra time, I just add on a year to your membership. It costs the same to pay now versus later.

The paypal option is quick and easy and on this web site under the “Membership & Journal” topic on the above tool bar.
Gary Muckel
IAA membership secretary

Done yesterday, you should receive the payment via paypal soon.😊

all done

Did over a month ago.
Any life time deal for people 69 and older ? :-)

Gary, The membership renewal page does not appear to be able to handle Life members like me who want to add the $10 digital option in addition to the printed copies.

What’s the PayPal email to just add the $10 digital issues to an existing printed account?

Paypal address is purchases@cartridgecollectors.org


Yep, I logged in your payment in September and appreciate that. No life member deals. If we gave discount to those 69 and over we would go broke.

Thanks for the reminder!
Done and done [and you can ignore the message attached to the renewal]!

Gary, yes your right, maybe ? :-)
The average male leaves to 76. in the USA.
So if we pay a life time member at 69 for a cost of 10 to 15 years of the regular membership and die at 76 the IAA gets more. :-)
However, I would guess if we made it to 69 , mostly we’ll live longer then 76 :-) I hope we all live to 100 or more…
But ir does not matter, we’ll gladly pay the yearly fee . The Journal and Forum along are worth a lot more then the dues cost.

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At 69 a one year subscription may well be a life-time deal.

Sorry Dave - I simply couldn’t resist.

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Gary; PayPal worked fine, thanks. My $12 is in your inbox now.

Done and done Garry !!

Done! Looking forward to getting the printed editions now :)

Thank you to the many who responded with a payment. I have logged them into the system.
Keep the renewals coming!!

Mayhem , Ouch that hurt :-) But know you were kicking :-)
Happy Holiday to all!

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Membership account paid by Paypal, a few bucks extra to cover costs, thanks

John Kindred

Hi can somebody send me a link where to pay membership by card for year 2019?


I rejoined Dec 18th, but can not (still) do anything in want to sell or want to buy — isn’t that included in membership?

Reply to the webmaster Aaron, he has to do things to allow you on. We are not so advanced that it is an automatic thing.
But he is working on it.