IAA membership

Forum users,

I would like to invite any of you who are not yet members of the International Ammunition Association to become members. As a member you will receive the top notch journal every two months. The journal is now full color and about 66 pages covering various topics submitted by members. New members also receive the Guide to Collecting Ammunition and the membership directory.

And for any of our current members who have not yet submitted their membership dues. Please do so soon to avoid extra efforts and expenses by your all volunteer staff.

Dues in the USA are $35, Canada $40, and foreign $55. The electronic journal is only $25 anywhere.
Submit dues payment through paypal to purchases@cartridgecollectors.org or by check to
6531 Carlsbad Drive
Lincoln, NE 68510

In this time of political uncertainty, a little unity can be a good thing. If the IAA needs to take a more active stand, numbers will be very important, and we should all do what we can to protect our interests.
Membership in the IAA, not to mention all the other ammunition-affiliated organizations, is a positive step.

Besides, you will get a pretty magazine and access to the B/S/T Forum!