IAA Ohio Show

Hi Fella’s, Any idea if there will be an IAA show in Ohio this Oct 2014? Thanks

Nope. Sorry Joe. Hotel has closed the ball room permanently. We’re still looking for a new venue without luck, so definitely no show in October. Right now, we’re just hoping to find a new venue to keep the show going period.

All the hotels from Cleveland to Columbus, and even across to Akron/Canton, either don’t have a ball room/conference room big enough, or want $1000/day to rent. We found a couple possibilities, but they don’t have tables, so we would have to rent those, doubling costs.

Right now we’re looking at NON-hotel venues, conference halls and such. Not our first choice as people then have to drive back/forth between the show and their hotels, which many don’t think is a problem, but many do. Plus we have to hire security for overnight at the venue.

We’ll keep everyone updated here as we make progress.

Look around for big gun clubs, some have large outdoor pavilions, and some even indoor.

Fair grounds could rent you a lockable building? We do that at the Prescott show, so no security needed as the grounds themselves are somewhat secure. Also perhaps one of the promoters could get a cot & sleep in the building in place of hiring security? Home for a quick shower & back to the show?


Thank You Keith, and You Other Fella’s for Your Replys. Like Many Other People, I’m Gonna Miss The Show. Take Care, joe

Come to AZ
plug for Pete :)

We need more regional shows, not less!!!