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If you use Facebook at all then you should definitely give the IAA Facebook page a “like”, but more importantly I wanted to point out that I am getting on with trying to fulfill my SLICS Board-of-directors meeting pledge to produce one Facebook post each day with cartridge photo(s) to better improve our exposure online and hopefully translate into more memberships for 2018. The several posts so far seem to be attracting plenty of positive attention:


Perhaps we can even have other members here contribute photos if you’d like?

Sure, and this forum thread is a good place to drop photos with a brief explanation of interesting cartrdige / ordnance items. Anything of the sort that non members would be interested in enough to begin to follow and hopefully join, would be good material.


I have no wish to be on facebook but having looked at it via DK’s link I have to say Thanks DK & if you want to use any of my photos, please feel free to do so.

Matt- Recycle some of the old “cartridge of the month” items.

Grab some of the “what is this” posts here on the forum with the initial question and image and add the definitive answer which usually shows up several replies later. (many thanks to Fede, DocAv. Pete, and other of our unbelievably well informed members- THANK YOU ALL!)

A topic which may appeal to more casual ammo interests would be a brief history of each caliber- when introduced, by whom in what model firearms. That will help connect with gun guys who do not realize they also are interested in ammo.

Links to various videos showing manufacture or test of ammo- from .22 rimfire to artillery.

Comments on basic reference books on ammunition general or specialist.

What is a Cartridge Show?

I assume that ANYONE can send you rough drafts or links for any of this stuff by clicking on your DKconfiguration name at the beginning of this thread, then clicking on “message” and sent it to you directly.

Thanks for doing the Facebook stuff. It (and the forum and digital Journals) are what reach out to new collectors in younger age groups.

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