IAA Price Guides

Is anyone else here confused when these come out?
I do appreciate that it’s a volunteer effort, and nobody knows all cartridges and values, but I really can’t understand where some of these prices come from.
An example from the newest list: 7.7x56R Japanese Dummy…$20.00.
Has anyone ever seen one outside of the Woodin collection, or seen one for sale, especially for $20???
I applaud the effort, but I don’t understand the process or the product.

Are you sure it is 7,7+56 and not 7,7+58 Japanese Dummy

Yes, very sure. Do you get the journal? If not, you should.

Yes I get the journal,are you refering to the type 92 wich comes with groove and rim??
it is also known as SR but still 58mm.If I am wrong please enlighten me wich that one is
I simply cannot find anything regarding 56

No, the Japanese also produced the 7.7x56R (also known as the Brit. 303) for aircraft MGs. They made a number of different loadings, including a VERY RARE dummy. The only one I’ve ever “seen” was a pic Bill Woodin sent to me a few years back. I would gladly pay many times $20 for one, but be very upset if I ever sold one for that amount.

Thank you yes I feel a bit like a fool I had totally forgotten the Japanese 303 I have
several of them myself if you would have put 303 in a bracket I would have known
instantly what it was about,yes and I do remember now a while back someone
if I remember right showed such a dummy in the journal and like you I made a
mental note of it.Ya would be nice to get one

PS.If I remember right that loading was strictly made for the Japanese Navy but not sure

the only thing I an think of is when this was originally put together it was the thought that as the others are worth 20 bucks this one should be too.
I have been asked (in the past) to help edit / provide updated prices for the list & found things not covered or things that were worded wrong & thus be an item that duplicated another item already covered.

So e-mail John with the correction & your suggestions as to how it should be listed. They do ask for feedback.

PS I looked don’t have one in my probably small 42 round collection of Japanese made .303". Never looked at Bill’s.

jonnyc, do you mean the wooden Japanese 7.7x56r drill round.

For $20 you can look and stroke it :-) I would not sell mine but if I did it would be a great deal more than $20



sherryl you are correct the type 89 was designed exclusiveley for the Japanese Navy, it was used in Aircraft and Naval machine guns. Remember this is a direct copy of the British .303 MkVII round, The tracer, AP and incendiary rounds are also direct copies of the British designs Supplied to them by Kynoch after WW1


Rich, I actually forgot about that variation, but as you know, that is also super rare. Bill W. had one with a CN jacket and knurled brass case, similar to other types of Japanese rifle dummies.

Do you know if there are any photos of that type, i have never seen one


I’ll try to dig it up.

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