IAA Publicity Idea (with added SLICS display photos)


I just saw President Pepper on national TV, at the Packers/Eagles game. I think we should pay him to wear an IAA hat or shirt when the games are being televised.


Yeah, but there are only 4 people that watch the Packer’s games. Unless they are playing the Cardinals. ;) ;)

Only kidding Pepper. I watch for you every time a Packers player is down but it seems that is always when they cut to another commercial.



Maybe we can get him drunk at the next SLICS and get a big IAA tattooed on his forehead.


I was going to point out that I thought there was a blurb about Pepper & ammo collecting, or him & the IAA on his Packers website bio page, but I just checked and it isn’t there. Maybe it changed? I see that it does reveal his true first name though!

One way that I am working on promoting the IAA is through Wikipedia articles. I haven’t posted them yet, but I have them all in progress and typed & saved as HTML text. I’m going to do about 300 of them (one or two paragraph affairs, with a photo), each on individual cartridge types, of which none currently have Wikipedia listings. Things like THV, KTW, Velet exploders, and other oddball specialty & AP cartridges. Once all of these entries are made at Wikipedia I will list only a few linkable sources at the bottom for the bibliography and they will all include a link to the IAA forum, and also a link to my website which is still in the works, as well as my book which will be featured at my website, and which will have expanded reference articles for all of those cartridge types. I will actually spell out the full IAA name along with my book and website for each source link, and have the hyperlkink embedded in the words, so as to create more food for Google. Some people might call that soft gorilla-marketing, but it’s all real and pertinent, and not taking away from anyone or anything else since nobody else is doing what I do in terms of book/website for those kinds of cartridges. Anyway, it will benefit the IAA by having hundreds of links since Goggle loves Wikipedia. It turns up their listings very high no matter what you type in as a search, especially proper name nouns. If you type “ammunition” Wikipedia is the 3rd result, while the IAA is nowhere to be found, same thing with the word “cartridges”.

Sometime around next June this will all happen in a hurry, when my website & new book are all full-throttle ready. Hopefully there will be a way to track links to the IAA website to see if it makes a difference?

The other thing I have done is getting on about 25 other popular gun forums (most of them have an ammo folder), and I post about what I collect with some photos, and then mention the IAA whenever possible, sometimes with links to pertinent thread topics here. I’ll admit it’s mostly self-serving for the purpose of finding people who collect what I collect, and it has worked some, but promoting the IAA in those instances is quick, painless, and good for us. --One of those other gun forum threads that I started actually turned into an M/39B discussion, and came back around to this forum and created a drawn-out discussion on Danish 9mm ammo which was enlightening to at least a few people, so it’s fun like that!


Cool idea, DKConfiguration! The backlinks from Wikipedia certainly can’t hurt the IAA’s ranking! It will be interesting to see if it bumps up the page rank for the IAA home page (currently it’s 4/10).

I’d be happy to help the powers that be to get up an running with tools like Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, etc. if they aren’t already using them and if they need help in that area.


this has a couple of “cartridge” photo links…albeit 6 years old

packers.com/news-and-events/ … 8cc843f916

I do a fair amount of public speaking (in the off season) and my “wacky hobby” is often discussed and photos (PowerPoint) are often shown…so fret not…the “cartridge collecting world” does not go unknown in this oart of the country.

Pepper (football is us…this time of the year !)


That was a great article about you Pepper! You rule :-)



Pepper - excellent article about you, and about the cartridge collecting hobby. Very, very positive advertising at a time when the firearms-related hobbies can only be helped by every single positive word in any media anywhere, since so much negative appears in the media everywhere. Thank you. I knew you were good at your job, but I did not realize the full extent of the respect you have earned in your own profession. It is not surprising - one can see immediately at SLICS the respect you have earned within our hobby, with, of course, this collector included.

John Moss


Very neat!! Are there any pictures of your displays online?


you asked

You asked…(But see’s Harrie’s photos under “Next SLICS thread”…if you want “detail” of maybe my best effort to date)

2004 Flechettes

2005 Special Purpose

2006 Less Lethal “Tear Gas”

2007 Less Lethal “Non Tear Gas”

2008 OICW-OCSW “No Place to Hide”


It is worth going to SLICS just to see one of Pepper’s unbelievable displays! The rest of the show and displays and sale items and seminars just make it even better and better!