IAA renewal and membership cards

IAA members,
The January journal will include a renewal notice if you have not renewed, however, if you paid since the middle of December ignore the warning. We sort the labels for the printer at that time.

Reminder: the membership cards will be sent out with the March Journal, watch for it in the journal envelope in that issue.
IAA membership secretary

I am an “E Journal” member can I have a membership card please, I don’t get anything in an envelope :-)


Rich, on the e-journal members, I send a jpg image of a membership card with the first welcome email. You can print that on card stock, or heavy paper. Or I can print you one and send it your way.


Matt, I am an e-journal member I don’t recall ever receiving an image of a membership card. Having said that, its highly unlikely I will ever get across to the States so in practice I don’t see I have a need to have a membership card.

No I never got one either, I am like Jim I will probably never get over the big pond but I would like a card to feel part of the group :-)


In order to keep the cost of ejournal membership reasonable and to save time for your volunteer membership team, the IAA prefers to avoid any hard copy mailings to ej members.

The issuance of a tailored membership card in pdf format for downloading and self printing can be made upon request if needed. It is not an automated process.

The IAA does have some members who find they need this extra service to document their membership for participation in shows in Europe or to support their governments requirement to possess ammunition. The IAA is responsive to these needs.

Requests can be made by email to this membership secretary but not through this forum since your identity is unknown for the most part.