IAA renewal time

It is renewal time for all who have not submitted IAA dues for 2014. As of today, of the 1375 members we have 55 ejournal members and 167 journal members that expire their membership on January 31.

It saves us volunteers a lot of time and the IAA expense if we receive your payment prior to Feb 12, 2014. Thanks!

You can renewal easily on-line with either paypal or credit card by following the home page directions, click on Membership & Journal then follow the path on the bottom of the page.

Or you can send paypal payment to purchases@cartridgecollectors.org . Spell that correctly or you go to somewhere unknown.

or send check, money order, or cash dues payment to:
6531 Carlsbad Drive
Lincoln, NE 68510

I am getting good response to renewals. Keep them coming.