IAA renewal


Just got an email from Lew about renewing my IAA membership. I will be sending a check to Mr. Muckel shortly.

I would like to point out, though, that one of the options for renewal includes payment via PayPal. Which is curious. Considering their staunch anti-gun-ness. I have not and will not use PayPal for any payment of anything from anywhere. And have extricated myself from Ebay as well, considering their PayPal affiliation and well known anti-gun stance. Y’all do whatever, but consider your choices and how your money will be spent when utilizing PayPal and Ebay. Sorta like paying for the bullets as you stand if front of the firing squad.


What Rick said.

Everyone has a right to their opinion and if eBay or K-Mart or anyone else chooses to stand on the side of the the anti-gun, anti-hunting, anti-shooting crowd, that is their choice. But, it’s my money and I have the right to not buy any of their products and/or use their services.

Hang together or hang alone.



SlickRick–Unfortunately, Paypal is one of the few options for exchanging money from other countries. It is used by the IAA mostly for the convenience of our foreign members.


Int’l funds transfers are handled by many banks on a day-to-day basis. The initial “set-up” may prove frustrating, depending on the sophistication of your local bank’s staff and “connection”, but once established, it’s not much different or any more difficult than online banking.
There are other, less offensive, options.


SlickRick–My experience with Int’l funds transfers is that they are quite expensive for small amounts (less than $1000) and, at least with my bank, not fast. You have to apply for the transfer, it then is sent to the banks main office. All this, in my experience takes about 1 week to 10 days.



Has anyone checked with the different cartridge and ammunition Auction sites and individual dealers who will accomodate overseas customers? They must have some easy way to handle payment.



There is a company called gunpal which is designed as a gun friendly alternative to paypal.



I believe IAA will soon add GunPal as an option for on line renewal payment.

Apparently GunPal is not yet set up to handle international payments, so PayPal remains a viable (if undesirable) option to handle those.

I just added a GunPal account for myself and will begin accepting it for my business transactions as soon as possible. I have only reluctantly used PayPal for a few transactions when no other means was available. However, PayPal is reportedly very aggressive in closing accounts and freezing funds for people engaged in transactions that PayPal does not like. Use them at your peril.

More discussion about GunPal at http://olegvolk.livejournal.com/691728.html

Or you can sign up for an account at https://www.gunpal.net


I am 24 and do not even own a check book (I find it rather insecure and archaic to give my account numbers and routing numbers and everything about me including phone number and drivers license number to random strangers that ask for it on a check). If it were not for paypal I would not be an IAA member.


I don’t like paypal because of it’s anti gun stance, however I use it for the IAA fees as my bank charges about £20/$32 to do an International bank transfer.


OK!!! I am the guy who pushed the IAA into PayPal. It was before the anti-Gun problem, and it was the only option available for electronic payment, which is a great help for many of our overseas members. It has been a real boon for the IAA and has helped our slow but steady membership growth

I frankly discouraged our US members using PayPal because of the fee, but many use it anyway, and some add a few $s to cover the fee-without being asked! There are other aspects of PayPal that make it less than ideal for the IAA, but it is a lot better than nothing and our members seem to increasingly prefer it over sending in a check.

GunPal is now available and John S and others have looked at it and it appears to be a good alternative. The fact is that GunPal apparently can’t be accessed from overseas yet.

My vote will be to put both links up and let our members use whichever one they want to, or even better, send a check and save the IAA a few dollars and a bit of hassle.

The simple truth is that a check from the members is the first choice for IAA dues.

So there it is!!! If anyone out there knows better alternatives-AND IS WILLING TO SPEND THE TIME SETTING THEM UP AND MAKING SURE THEY WORK, AND OPERATING THEM—LET ME KNOW AND I WILL ADVOCATE TRYING THEM OUT TO THE IAA BOARD. The truth is that there are lots of things the IAA can and should do that we don’t because we are 100% volenteer labor and nobody has volenteered!!! If you are interested, email me and we can talk about some of these things.





I am in South Africa and we have a similar rate to what Armourer is paying for the bank transfer. It is fairly easy to set up but one does have to go to the bank, stand in the queue, fill in all the forms, we have to explain why we want the transfer (we have foreign exhange controls here), it all adds up to hassle factor and on top of that a bank fee that is more than the sub’s. I last renewed many years ago and I gave cash to Chris Punnett at one of the ECRA shows for my dues and paid for several years in advance. As he is now in Canada I don’t think this will work anymore. Maybe I can pay Lew when my dues are up. Sending cash notes in the mail is also very risky.


I am glad that Gunpal is being seriously considered. I have used Gunpal for several months now and for numerous transactions. Each has been easy problem-free. I tried to pay my IAA dues with Gunpal (I am so used to it, I never even considered that it might not be acceptable) and Gary politely rejected the payment.

So, a check it shall be - this time! Next year, I’ll happily pay with Gunpal and add the few extra bucks to cover the fees.

A final note about Gunpal: it is FAR easier and less confusing to use than PayPal. At a minimum, you’ll find that Gunpal is much simpler and more straight-forward.