IAA table at the 37th annual Bangor Gun show

I’ll be doing an IAA table at the 37th annual Bangor Gun Show in my home town here tomorrow & Sunday. I’ve got some of the recent all-color journals laid out, sign-up forms, a big banner, a big framed cartridge poster, and a big display case with a wide range of cartridge types. I also get to put my replica Panzerfaust 60m rocket to use as an attention-getter, along with my 37mm, 30mm, and 25mm drill rds displayed. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

I’m going to go with a liberal / optimistic new-member over/under number of 10. Point of reference: I have printed 60 blank applications assuming that this would be more than enough, and there are around 100 vendors on at least 300 tables at this show.

What do you guys think on the over/under? It’s a 2-day show…

Sounds like a great way to introduce cartridge collecting to a lot of people. The Web site continues to be our biggest recruiter but a couple of our members in Texas have been doing a good job in finding interest at their gunshows.
Thanks for your enthusiasm and recruitment efforts.

The IAA can provide extra IAA journals and applications to any member willing to recruit in their own area.

I think you will be lucky to get 10 new members, but go ahead & prove me wrong.

At the big (expensive) Jan. antique gun show in LV we had membership apps & magazines out with a “free” label on them. About 30 magazines left the table & that was a three day show. But it’s mostly high rollers who spend money on just guns or a specific box of ammo to display beside it, although some ammo collectors do frequent the show & we do reasonably well at it…

No idea idea anyone signed up as a member.

GOOD LUCK & THANKS for your efforts!

Matt, Sounds like a very nice display. I only wish I could be there to see it. I will be optimistic and say you will do better then 10. I usually put a pile of free magazines on my table and tell people that membership & web site info is just inside the cover. So I have no idea if it has produced any new members. I think I will start including a blank membership form as well. Thank you for your efforts and good luck.


May I suggest that those members so graciously putting out recruiting material at various shows and meetings identify that source (the name of the show or identification of a meeting (“Bangor Show”, “Ohio Gun Show,” “WSCCA meeting” or show, etc.) on the applications you give out. It seems no one is sure if they are successful or not. Perhaps with that ID on the application form, Gary M. could get some idea if it is worth the effort or not. It would be interesting to see how many follow thru when they take an application from IAA recruiters, anyway.

Just a suggestion.

Good thought.
We get a good amount of interest in the IAA at the Morgantown PA show, and I’d like to think we’re responsible for 5 or 6 new members a year, but who knows.

I think that is an excellent idea John. I will start putting out membership forms and marking them so that Gary can tell if we get any new members as a result.

The show is done and things went about well as I expected. Those of you who chose “under” on the over/under of 10 are probably correct, as I believe only about 10 people actually took membership forms which they may or may not send in. I did however start many conversations and distribute many back issues of the journal to passers-by. My display set of civil war bullets, a 35mm drill rd, and my replica Panzerfaust 60m rocket were popular items. The display case had a little bit of everything to look at:

the Panzerfaust 60 projectile is not a rocket. The shaft is for stabilization only. Unlike later RPG 7 or 44 mm LANZE it is accelerated by the launcher only.

Thanks JP, I was thinking “warhead” would probably be a better term also.

JPeelen, actually the ammunition for the “Lanze” (Panzerfaust 44mm) is also a grenade and not a rocket.

With the RPG-7 (a weapon) we need to refer to every single type of round as there are also HE-Frag variants which are no rockets like the OG-7.

The framed antique bullets / buck and ball are a nice collection and display. Your display table overall was nicely done too!

Very nice Matt, THANKS from all of us.

Sometimes it takes a while for someone to become a Cartridge collector… or admit it.

First they need to realize people actually collect this stuff. Then they need to see some examples of specialties, and perhaps realize they are a natural fit with whatever their “real” gun collecting interests might be.

There is considerable overlap between gun collectors and cartridge collectors, with only a small percentage of cartridge collectors owning NO guns, and few gun collectors who own NO ammunition for display with their guns. Of course there are the vast number of “shooters” who do not collect guns or cartridges, but probably have the nucleus of a collection already.

Matt’s work bringing the concept of cartridge collecting to the shooters and gun collectors at the Bangor show will pay dividends for the IAA. Maybe not today, but over the long run.

Thanks, Matt!

EOD, what you write is true for the original version of the 44 mm Panzerfaust. The enhanced version (often called LANZE, cartridge type DM32) had a rocket motor that burned for 0.8 seconds and accelerated the projectile from 168 m/s at the muzzle to 210 m/s at burnout.

I stopped by your table, it was a very nice display. I forgot to take a membership form but did leaf through some journals and will be sure to become a member in short order.

Success! Thanks Revolver.

The membership fee is well worth it! Journals are always beautifully done, and the information is priceless!

I’m officially onboard!

Excellent. You are just in time for the upcoming issue 500!